Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Julie and Julia Projects 2 and 3

Look at my new socks!
I know that at first glance they might look completely ordinary but they are actually these:
I love that they are knitted on straight needles and then crochet seamed up the side.  This book also gives patterns for kids socks and for socks in a range of 4ply/fingering and 8ply patterns.  Because these were 8 ply they made up in noooo time at all and they are super comfy (do you recognise the handspun Heath?)  The seaming looks like this:
I can live with that.  Maddie took one look at these and requested a pink pair "just like them".  I hope you appreciate that I modelled these socks on a 40 degree day! Knitting socks in the middle of a heat wave does seem a bit crazy!

I have also been using some of my homespun to knit hats for Westmead (see here www.retromummy.blogspot.com ) 

Unfortunately this one is a little on the small side because I was running out of wool so it will be suitable for about an 8 year old.  The next one will be bigger.  I have to say that I don't like the 2x2 rib nearly as much as I like the butterfly hat pattern so not sure how many more I will make using this pattern.
Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Loving those socks, and you are mad modelling them in this heat!! I have the fan on and my shorts and a tshirt and that is still too many clothes.