Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kick The Bucket 2014

Back in 2012 AJ from ran a WIP challenge and I found it a great way to get things done.  This year AJ is running a "Kick the Bucket" UFO challenge and as you know I have a serious problem with finishing things so I have signed up!  The UFO list for 2014 looks something like this (and there will probably be more to add!)  Please no judgement when you read this list (it is kind of soul destroying to admit to these!)
*Smocked dress (begun in 2001 now needing only the ruffle - this should be first finished)Finished
*Nanny's quilt (also begun circa 2000 and now needing the quilting and binding)
*Lena's quilt (started for her 2nd birthday at the end of 2012 but might have to be for her 3rd birthday!)
*Applique quilt (at least 5 years old and now just needing borders and quilting)
*Jill's dinosaur (a friend's UFO that was gifted 2 years ago and not finished - this needs to be finished and sent as a Softie for Mirabel this year)
*Elf wall hanging (at least a decade old!)
*Easter stitchery wall hanging (started when Hannah was at preschool!)Finished
*Hannah's purple poncho (begun in December of 2012)Finished
*Stained glass cardigan (at least 3 years old)
*Deb's pink cardigan (another gifted UFO that just needs the rib band and stitching up)
*Debbie Bliss cotton frock
*Emmy Lou's braids
*Felted bag

And some that were started last year (so won't count for AJ but need finishing none-the-less) are Maddie's strippy quilt finished, David's golf cover finished, Strip charity quilt and baby quilt, and my Redwork Winter Stitchery.

Because I am a glutton for punishment I have also joined in the BOM running at - feeling quite virtuous because I have finished the 2 blocks for this month already!

One thing is for sure, this year is going to see a whole heap more crafting than last year.

So now, if you want to follow along, I will label the posts with "Kick the Bucket" or "Julie and Julia" or "BOM"
Happy crafting,

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kelly said...

Thats quite a list. I really liked your dress. Very flowy and lots of room to grow! I have done smocking with my nana mine looked ok for a first attempt but hers was awesome. brought back memories. good luck.