Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Taking Stock 2014

Making : lots and lots of album pages (I've definitely set a P.B. in January!) countless snacks for children
Cooking : with my kids from the Junior Masterchef series, and for us from Jules Clancy's "5 Ingredients 10 minutes"
Drinking : water and coffee and way too many Pimms and lemonades
Reading: Yarn Harlot (just got 2 more of her books) The Shipping News, Jodi Picoult
Wanting: To declutter this house
Looking: Forward to school going back, Forward to moving on with CTMH
Playing: in my craft room when I can sneak away, family twister after tea
Deciding: to be more positive in 2014
Wishing: for a house that cleans itself
Enjoying: fresh tomatoes and lettuce and nectarines and plums from our garden, 100% organic and sun-ripened
Waiting: for lots of good things; my sister's wedding, a new niece/nephew, my Fibre Retreat, the first ever Australian CTMH leaders conference
Liking: Summer sunshine, line dried washing, floaty summer dresses
Wondering: How I am ever going to use up my fabric stash and how it all came into the house in the first place
Loving: Lazy starts to the morning (no school rush)
Pondering: Whether I might freak out about my big birthday or whether in the end it will be just another day in a pretty good life
Considering: going on a health kick with the kindy girls (learning to like exercise)
Watching: Downton Abbey Season 4
Hoping: To get to the movies to see Walter Mitty with my boy this week
Marvelling: At how quickly children grow up
Needing: Lots of cuddles from said children and just a little bit of quality time away from them too!
Smelling: Jasmine and roses from the front garden, nectarines going off in the bowl because we can't eat them fast enough
Wearing: Floaty Summer Dresses and summer sandals
Following: Way too many blogs and facebook posts
Noticing: That too many people put their life out their on facebook - the good, the bad, and the nasty! I don't need to know what you had for breakfast or that your cat coughed up a fur-ball people!
Knowing: The sleep ins and lazy mornings are coming to an end and the term-time hustle and bustle is looming
Thinking: That this year I am not getting sucked into it - not going to drown in the vortex of non-important busy-ness
Feeling: Optimistic (and just a little tired after Hannah and her friend stayed up giggling and talking until midnight last night!)
Admiring: Quilts on pinterest, Women that seem to get so much done without trying
Sorting: Kids clothes, school stuff, old CM baggage
Buying: Tupperware from the op shop (30c each!) A fur real cat for $4 (already worth it for the entertainment it has given the kids) A pile of beautiful crochet-edged cotton hankies for 5c each - can you tell I love the Op shop?
Getting: the freezer emptied for a side of beef
Bookmarking: slow cooker recipes and crochet patterns on pinterest
Disliking: Crunchy floors, a filthy oven, a house littered with detritus of children
Opening: Countless packets of rice crackers, soft cheese, olives - our standard holidays "bits and pieces" lunch
Giggling: Over the ridiculous game of "jinx" that my husband and kids carry on each tea time
Feeling: Happy and content and like my life is blessed

This list has come from Pip over at www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com via Kate from www.foxslane.blogspot.com - feel free to play along!

Oh, and if you are out there, and reading this, feel free to stop lurking and leave a comment - sometimes it gets lonely here!

Keep smiling,


Mamie Fidler said...

hmmm Im lerking....oh wait Im leaving a comment. Loving the post, you had me giggling :-)

Lizzy said...

What a lovely list! I smiled at your op shop purchases...I remember us laybying stuff at the op shop down the road. :-)