Monday, August 31, 2009

New projects and some scrapping

Do you remember this photo of Hannah's first rainbow dyeing attempt? Well we've finally finished the scarf and hat (actually it has been pretty well finished for ages but just needed the ends sewn in!) I've also finished a grey beanie for my friend's husband and a pair of acrylic socks for my MIL but neither were exciting enough to warrant a photo! I'm finally getting to the end of my homespun stash which means now I can legitimately spend more time spinning yummy fibres to replenish it!

I've also made a start on the baby's quilt stitcheries - two down and about four to go. This will be the third of my Bronwyn Hayes/Moda Sweet quilts (and probably my last as I really should move onto some other techniques LOL!) Found a lovely cot quilt pattern at a little Patchwork Shop in Robe last weekend - and I've thought of the perfect fabric for it but just have to get up the nerve to order it online (Pokey Little Puppy fabric from the US)

Have also been having a play with Creative Memories new Black and White Power Palette - yummy! Makes me want to go and print out some more photos and get back into some serious cropping!

We had a very exciting week - family getaway to Robe, then Auntie Kaz (my delightful sister) arrived Wednesday night, three birthday parties and a kindy disco before putting sis back on the plane last night. With all of that I had expected the kids to give me a hard time today but instead they have been totally angelic (we cleaned up then made playdough and played outside and now they are happily engrossed in a spot of couch potato t.v. viewing!) I'm off to finish my stitchery.
Keep smiling,