Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August Taking Stock

August is flying by way too fast.  In fact life is flying by way too fast.  So thanks to Pip over at www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com here I am taking stock:
Making : some lifestyle changes (my doctor says I have to)
Cooking : slowcooker meals and quick things from "5 ingredients 10 minutes"
Drinking : Sleepy Time t2 tea (which is working wonders for my insomnia)
Reading: Ghost of Shadows and Fog (a very interesting read)
Knitting: Socks, more socks
Scrapping: Robe Holiday photos
Missing: my grandfather, it has been almost a year but I still think about him every day
Wanting: Chocolate, oh please, chocolate - why can't someone invent a calory free version?
Looking: At the grey hair, laughter lines and forehead wrinkles
Playing: Trucks and roads and mud kitchen recipes with my kindy kids (it makes me happy!)
Deciding: To live a healthier, simpler, less stressful life
Wishing: more people cared about packaging and landfill and what our kids will inherit
Enjoying: snuggles and cuddles with my small girl
Waiting: For Winter to end
Liking: The last few days of sunshine
Wondering: When life will slow down
Loving: stolen crafty moments
Pondering: why no one has invented "healthy" chocolate and why red wine has more calories than white?
Considering: learning to like white wine
Watching: My boy gain confidence and coordination at karate twice a week
Hoping: The cleaning fairy visits my craftroom tonight while I sleep
Marvelling: At how much children still teach me, and surprise me, every day
Needing: Quiet time at home
Smelling: Jurlique Rose hand cream (gifted from a lovely friend) and the blossom tree on the corner of our street
Wearing: My red boots
Following: too many pinterest boards
Noticing: How many people say ugly things to one another
Knowing: How quickly children grow
Thinking: Am I missing too much of it?
Admiring: Bonnie and Camille fabrics (can you ever have enough of Bonnie and Camille?)
Sorting: Nothing - way too busy, but dreaming of sorting scrapping stuff, and kids clothes, and junk from off the pool table
Buying: Copious quantities of carrot and quinoa salad (my new favourite healthy lunch)
Getting: Older and grumpier by the day!
Disliking: Juggling too much stuff
Opening: too many packets of rice crackers? Who eats them all? I swear they just vanish in this house
Giggling: over the silly things my kids do just to make me laugh
Feeling: tired, and blah, and guilty about diet and exercise
Snacking: On Paradise/Heavenly mix and strawberries
Coveting: a long term part time contract at my favourite kindy (not gonna happen unfortunately)
Wishing: it could be simpler
Helping: Organise two conferences
Hearing: My children coughing (go away Winter coughs and colds) the ipod on shuffle (love to be able to craft to such an eclectic mix)
Realizing: this has become quite a negative post when I wasn't meaning it to be.
Thankfully Spring is just around the corner and hopefully it brings with it a bit of breathing space and some happy carefree days with those I love.