Sunday, May 12, 2019

Taking Stock - Mothers Day Edition

Hello again! It has been too long hasn't it?  There have been some technical hitches (hello new computer) and a hiatus without my digital camera while it was holidaying with a friend in Japan, and basically a whole heap of life getting in the way, and me not being sure I had anything to write about.  Anyhow, a quick list to get back into the groove:
Making : a test knit - the Cadence Shawl by one of my favourite Rav designers -  I am on the border now and it feels like every row has a gazillion stitches
Cooking : nothing today! It was Mother's Day so my beautiful kiddos made pancakes with orange cinnamon butter for breakfast, and then cauliflower and bacon soup and raspberry chocolate tart with homemade truffles for lunch with the Grandies, and then my hubby did chips and bacon and egg and mushrooms for tea (because no one was really all that hungry!)
Sipping : decaf coffee
Reading: "Cousins" but then I am hunting out my old copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird" so that I can read it before I read the sequel
Looking: at my beautiful new bookcases
Listening: to the end of Shrek (playing in the background) - but most often Nora Jones or Van Morrison on Spotify
Wishing: I had more trt work coming in
Enjoying: A reasonably clean kitchen and loungeroom and a cosy wood fire
Waiting: For the electrician to install our t.v. above the fireplace so that we can rearrange lounge furniture the way we want it
Liking: The effort my kids went to creating a lovely day for their grandmother and I.
Loving: How thoughtful they are becoming
Buying: porcini and truffle salt from the markets (we have eaten almost a kilo of mushrooms since Friday - it is made right here in the hills and it is SOOOOOOO good!)
Watching: "Hunt for the Wilder People" (it was my Mothers Day request)
Hoping: the work situation picks up a bit soon
Needing: to sort out so many little things for my scrapbooking workshop next weekend
Wearing: leggings and skirts and boots, leggings and dresses and boots - my informal Winter wardrobe
Following: a lot of knitters on instagram
Noticing: how comfortable our new (old) couches are - I was given the Chesterfields my inlaws had when my husband was a little boy. I've always loved them.  They have that worn, warm, comfy feel and in the afternoon light the leather just glows.  I love them.
Sorting: donations for our Cancer Council auction
Getting: edgy about the amount of jobs to get done this week, and now I've found out that our tax is due too - gulp!
Saving: up to do the music room
Smiling at: my new antique basket and the beautiful succulent bowl that was made by a clever local 14 year old (both from Recreate at Mt Pleasant - which is just the most gorgeous little sustainable/cooperative shop)
Giggling: at the antics of my kiddos and their friends on our day out Friday
Feeling: warm and loved and appreciated by family and friends
Hearing: the steady sound of rain - oh, sweet, sweet sound
Obsessing: over what I am supposed to be doing with my life right now? About to start on a few new work ventures and not entirely sure whether to be exhilarated, terrified, or what?  It has been quite an emotional time to not be on staff at kindy this year.  I have enjoyed doing relief work back in schools after 17 years (even though it was scary) but I miss kindy terribly and seeing all the photos of kindy and bush kindy on social media has been torture.  
Wanting: to get back into blogging again properly (including photos!) and to get back into the blog hops.
I have a couple of big weekends coming up with our National Scrapbooking Weekend next weekend and the Spinners and Weavers Guild Open Day the weekend after that,
I hope you are keeping yourself busy too!
Keep smiling,