Friday, November 26, 2010

On the first day of Christmas...

My friend Nic over at is hosting a 12 days of Blogging Christmas Goodness so I thought I would join in (and I told her that I would only start on the first day of December after the baby girl's birthday celebrations) but yesterday Maddie and I had a very good oppy shoppy day (my local, Nairne Market is having a half price sale)  For the princely sum of $6.50 I got a crane truck for the sandpit, 2 school shirts for Hannah, 2 summer tops for me and this kind of kitsch but cute Christmas plate (haven't decided yet whether to give it away with Christmas treats on it or keep it for us) But the real steal for the day was these:
4 vintage linen tablecloths from John Martins.  I love the poppy one and was seriously thinking of keeping it for myself but I know a very special lady who is turning 90 before Christmas and these will just make her day (and keep those hands busy for a while yet!)

Last night was our Creative Memories Unit Meeting Christmas Dinner so I whipped these up for the girls as a bit of a thankyou - wish I had thought to take a picture of all of them before they went as these are the "leftovers".  You basically just wrap some nice scrapping paper around a block of chocolate and decorate with whatever embellishments you have handy (I used our "Very Merry" Embellishments kit and paper ribbon for some and the new Reminisce range for the rest.  They looked great piled on the table with bon bons and I think it would be handy to have a few spare for those last minute "oops I forgot about the neighbours/postman/babysitter" Christmas gifts. So there you have it; bloggy Christmas idea number one.  Stay tuned for next time when I show you what to do with an overactive imagination and two christmas tea-towels!  Oh, and if you are thinking of visiting, don't do it today - Dan and I are far too busy crafting and pottering to be bothered about the crumbs and the washing!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Right at this moment I'm loving...

The cheekiness of this wee one - the joy she gets from peek-a-boo, pantry raids, stacking and unstacking absolutely everything/anything, and her food philosophy that everything tastes better if you throw it on the floor (we have coined a new phrase here; "floor toast" as in, "Maddie, what have you got in your mouth??? Oh, only a bit of floor toast!")
Playing with some felt embellishment and needle felting (except I broke my last two needle felting needles yesterday - thankfully it is Spinners and Weavers tomorrow so I can get more then!)

My new blue suitcases - an impulse buy from Mathilda's markets on the weekend - I'm thinking these will be so good for WIP in my scrapping/quilting room.

That these two will be going to find good homes in Pip's Softies for Mirabel drive (and yes, I deliberately parked them in front of my new red spotty suitcases which I also LOVE)

Reading more crafty goodness (business has been so good the last two months that I am afraid I have spent cosiderable profits on online bookstores and craft patterns and impulse buys!)

Really not loving that I am procrastinating big time over writing my two upcoming public speeches, and that the floor needs sweeping (again - sigh) and that Mt Washmore is getting taller every day (go away rain!)
Happy Wednesday!
Keep smiling,