Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happiness is..

Finally downloading your phone photos, and finding this:
She is insanely frustrating. Drives me crazy. But seriously? Look at that face? Love her to bits. xx

Monday, March 16, 2015

Taking Stock - March

In keeping with Pip over at www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com it is time to take stock (spare list over on her blog if you want to play along!)
Making : soooo many knitting projects 
Cooking : cauliflower soup
Drinking : instant coffee and red wine
Reading: Kate Morton "The Forgotten Garden" and "Turn of the Screw" by Henry James for rav reading group
Wanting: more hours in the day
Looking: at enormous piles of laundry
Playing: the same Beautiful South album over and over (I only have one of their albums on my ipod and it is not enough!)
Deciding: what to cook for tea tomorrow night
Wishing: my kids never got sick
Enjoying: the challenge of Bly socks - can you believe it? My knitting seems to have come along in quantum leaps in the last year and I find myself tackling projects I never would have before - cables and lace oh my!
Waiting: for CTMH Leaders Conference on friday - and some knitting time on the plane LOL
Liking: the thought of set days at kindy next term (yay!)
Wondering: how we will manage the extra work that comes with my own kindy group, and how I will find a work life balance, and whether leaders conference will help me re-find my CTMH mojo
Loving: a little brown bunny ambling in the back yard
Pondering: if I have enough warm clothes for New Zealand
Considering: if I should be buying big warm jackets and extra long pants
Buying: two more lots of wool from Bendigo Woolen Mills (for a test knit cardigan for myself)
Watching: Hannah growing taller and more grown up before my eyes
Hoping: I get doonas dry on the line before it rains
Marvelling: at the resilience of some children
Cringing: at how many relationships gone wrong can turn so nasty and mean
Needing: to hug my babies tightly
Questioning: whether I should have an early night
Smelling: my beautiful pink rose by the front door - it is either Many Happy Returns or Happy Anniversary and either way it looks and smells divine and is one of the nicest presents I have ever been given
Wearing: work clothes - polo shirts and sensible kindy pants
Following: too many pinterest boards and too many ravelry forums
Noticing: the hint of Autumn in the morning air
Knowing: that the weather in Melbourne could be unpredictable this weekend
Thinking: how lucky I am 
Admiring: people that have a work life balance
Sorting: craft stuff, kitchen stuff, house stuff (I even have a clean kitchen bench at the moment - LOVE)
Getting: sick of clutter
Coveting: other people's wool stashes
Disliking: the blame game
Opening: old packs of CTMH paper for Easter market projects
Giggling: at the crazy things 4 year olds say and do
Feeling: like a sore throat might foretell a cold
Snacking: on raw almonds
Wishing: that those who have more would help those who have less
Helping: new kindy kids wipe noses and bottoms
Hearing: white noise - it seems like every appliance we have comes with lights and white noise!
Excited: to find an old friend on face book
Learning: how to use instagram
Believing: lots of good things are just around the corner

Friday, March 6, 2015