Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September... the month that was....

Well, it feels like September has passed by in a bit of a blur really! Hard to believe I've not blogged at all!  The last week has been spent in a gastro/flu bug haze of washing and mothering.  I'm hoping that we are all on the mend now!
Before that September was about waiting on a winter that never ends, dreaming of Spring:

Picture courtesy of my children who crept away to play quietly one rainy day - I love it when they produce something so exquisite without any adult intervention!

September was surprising; Father's Day (Dan was so chuffed to surprise Daddy with his handmade tie!), Maddie surprised us with more teeth, and we had a HUGE Creative Memories month where we added 5 team members, promoted my dear friend Meredith to Unit Leader, and I had my best sales month in a long time!

September was also a little bit silly: Hannah had her school concert and had to dress as a sheep (would have loved to show you photos of the whole flock of sheep as they looked too darn cute but I am funny about putting photos of other people's children on my blog)
 We also had a lovely lunch out with our dear Mum's group friends - the bigger kids have known one another since they were 6-`10 weeks old, the littlies have known one another all their lives.  This is such a special group of friends and we always have so much fun together!September was also a little bit scary as I had my first public speaking gig in way too many years (and have been asked to speak again at our Christmas Luncheon so I must have done alright!)
September was largely craftless (unless you count 5 sheep costumes!)  September was also thriftless (the only time I got to the opp shop was to find a basket to fill with pressies for a friend) 
Let's hope for a crafty/thrifty/bloggy October (with at least a hint of Spring sunshine!!!)
Keep smiling,