Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doing the shopping...

I recently tried something new.  I am in the habit of doing a HUGE grocery shop once a month.  We get our fruit and veg home delivered each week by a gorgeous local family "Just the Freshest" and then I do a bread and milk run a few times a week.  The grocery shopping is, quite frankly, a pain and I look forward to it about as much as having a tooth pulled.  I'm sure the kids look forward to it even more than that LOL!

Anyway, to cut my ramblings short, this month for the first time ever we did our grocery shopping on line.  It was delivered the next day for the exorbitant sum of $5.00.  The kids ENJOYED the delight of a big truck pulling into our driveway and unloading mystery bags of groceries.  They were so excited that they even helped me put it all away and then with the time we saved shopping we went outside and played!  You've gotta love that!

I am now a true convert!
Have a great week,
Keep smiling,

Saturday, March 12, 2011


How could you not get excited about issues one and two of vignette arriving in your letterbox on the same day?
How could you not get excited about Kathy's new wool/cotton sock yarn in the most rainbow-est of colours (which she tempted me with the very day after I promised my sister I would not knit the divine Miss S. anymore clothes)  I can see the sweetest little rainbow dress... I had to cast on within an hour of bringing this yummy skein home and now I am just up to the armholes on the front bodice LOL.

There has been crafting happening in amongst school open nights, Creative Memories parties and workshops, kindy fundraisers, and quite a few TRT days.  BUSY but fun.  I've been creating blog posts in my mind but just not gone beyond that!

We are off to the beach house for the long weekend.  Think I'll take my knitting...