Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Life of Contrast

I had planned to write this post when I got back from Summit in February and then life got in the way!
One of the things I love about my Creative Memories business is that it adds contrast to my life.  At least twice a year I find myself doing things that are a break away from my everyday.  This year Summit (our leadership conference) was held in Manly, Sydney.

I am a country girl. I could never live in Sydney, but, as a place to visit, Sydney has a great vibe and a lot going for it and I LOVE being a tourist in Sydney!

One of my bestest buddies in the whole wide world lives in Sydney so it was great to fly in early (and stay a little later) to catch up with her little family.

We caught the commuter train into Circular Quay and she pointed me in the right direction to catch the Manly Ferry.  I was sooooo excited (in fact I think I amused the German tourist beside me very much!)

This Summit was all about stepping outside of your comfort zone so we were all given saris for a night of Bollywood dancing.  Part of my challenge was to get inked - just a semi-permanent but still something I would not normally do! Do you like my bluebird of happiness?

We did some confronting training on personality/character dominance and I learned that I have zero dominance (which is not always a great characteristic in a leader and something I really need to work on - I do tend to get pushed around a fair bit and tend to need to learn to say no occasionally!)

For our Gala Dinner evening there was more pushing of boundaries with a 6 course French Degustation (not something I would ever normally do!)  My comfort levels will only stretch so far so I do have to confess that I couldn't eat the rare-cooked baby quail or the rare veal cutlet but I did eat seared raw tuna (and quite enjoyed it!)

And then, after a lovely Sunday on Manly beach with my friend, and a lazy lunch in an Irish pub at the Rocks, it was back home to my own dear family and Planet Reality.

This is what my lunch looked like Monday, and you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.  If you are a stay at home mummy with little people I would really urge you to find something that adds some contrast to your life.  It doesn't have to be Creative Memories, but anything that occasionally gives you the chance to step outside of your ordinary life.  For me, Creative Memories gives me an outlet to indulge in public speaking (something I really enjoy - probably my only adrenalin rush!), it gives me the opportunity to help others, to leave a legacy of album making for my children, to mix with other adults (and have "grown up" conversations!) and to see other women grow and blossom in their own businesses.  All of this alongside my most important Mummy role.  It makes me happy!

Here's to a life of contrast!
Have a great week!