Thursday, March 31, 2016

Good days

Almost April? How did that happen?
I had so many good intentions to blog more regularly through February and March but then things got crazy at work, and the internet situation at home became ridiculous, and lack of camera still makes uploading photos to the blog a bit of a challenge.
Today, for the first time in a long time, I had a day off and thought "righto! Blog Update" and then found that the ipad cord has been "borrowed" at work and not put back in my bag so this will be mostly a photoless post with the exception of some dodgy phone photos.

There has been plenty of knitting going on.  A couple of test knits (including this hat ) which was just a crazy fun knit and so whimsical with the little fiddly bees! Lots of spinning and a bit of wool dyeing - oh that was interesting and requires its own blog post with accompanying photos sometime soon!

Not surprisingly, once the house was unpacked to "liveable" standards it kind of stayed that way so there are still boxes languishing in corners.  Once work got crazy and I was standing in for the directors gig everything sort of slid and now we need a good deep clean and a reset!

Easter was lovely.  A couple of days at the beach house, and then some time at home where we lit a fire and cosied up and read and knitted and spun and crafted to my heart's content.

One of my kindy kids brought in 9 baby bunnies on the day before Easter so of course one little fellow had to come home with me.  Ahh, Bunny Love.  He is so sweet, our fudgy boy, and is being spoilt rotten.

We have had numerous visits from "Mr Fluffy" as the kids have christened our resident koala.  He has a favourite spot in the tree right out the front.

Yesterday this happened to Maddie:
 My last little one to lose a tooth and what a shame because she has "one of the most perfect smiles" her dentist has ever seen.  Somehow they never seem quite so little once they get those big choppers and they lose their baby face :(
It happened at school in the Pines.  Everything worth happening happens in "the Pines" which just makes me smile because when I was in Primary School we had a patch of Pines at the back of the yard and it was where secrets happened, pacts were made and broken, first kisses were stolen, and all manner of mischief happened.  They bulldozed the Pines and made a running track when I was in about Grade 4 and the school never felt quite the same again.  I love that my children come home and tell me stories of what happened in the Pines.  I hope the school never decides to put in a running track! Anyhow, because Maddie literally "lost" her tooth in the Pines her teacher wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining that Maddie really truly had lost her tooth and that she would go to bed thinking happy thoughts so that the tooth fairy could see the gap in her smile.  Mrs Mitchell has no idea how happy that note made me. She helped Maddie through what could have been a total meltdown and thanks to her kindness and thoughtfulness my little one went to bed smiling.  That is worth so much more than Naplan results or test scores.  Having a teacher that values relationships is gold!

Anyhow, now the day has been highjacked and it is time to pick up kidlets,
Hope the sun is shining on you,
Keep smiling,