Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time for Meet me at Mike's taking stock again!
Making : card kits for my first "card buffet" on the weekend
Cooking : pork ribs and potato bake and our favourite beetroot and feta and pecan and sweetpotato salad
Drinking : apple cider (yay for Summer weather!)
Reading: "Delancey" (again) perfect holiday reading.  I love the way Molly Wizenberg writes.  Just finished "The Lie" which was well written but kind of moody and bare and depressing
Wanting: another week of holidays
Looking: at lovely things on ravelry
Playing: my favourites list on the ipod
Deciding: to make a conscious effort to do over 10 000 steps each day
Wishing: the 9 year old birthday boy would stop growing so fast
Enjoying: holidays with everyone home (what a luxury to have James home too!)
Waiting: for Mum and Dad to get back from cruising
Liking: Sleep ins, and lazy days
Wondering: If I could pay children to clean up the kitchen
Loving: my Spring garden - a 10 year old lilac bush that has just now decided to bloom!
Pondering: the next quilting project (now that Dr Seuss is finally done)
Considering: casting on another knitting project
Buying: groceries - we seem to eat such a lot with us all home!
Watching: The 3rd series of a Place to Call Home, Foyle's War reruns
Hoping: For a calm, stress free 4th term
Marvelling: that I am mother to a 9 year old boy - where did that chubby baby go?
Cringing: At the thought of NQS assessment and 55 summative reports this term
Needing: Sleep, home comforts, quiet days
Smelling: Lilac and lavender and jasmine and roses - oh sweet Spring smells
Wearing: my new favourite summer dress (made locally and super comfortable - LOVE IT)
Following: CTMH card ideas on Pinterest
Noticing: the washing piling up
Knowing: holidays can't last forever
Thinking: I have pretty great kids
Admiring: crafty people who can get paid to do what they love
Sorting: Maddie's old clothes, my old craft magazines
Getting: ridiculously over-excited at the vintage Strawberry Shortcake colouring books gifted to my kids - the very same one that I had when I was a girl - circa 1982!!!!)
Bookmarking: New recipes
Coveting: more Summer dresses and nice sandals
Disliking: that no matter how much I exercise I still don't lose weight
Opening: junk mail and cans of condensed milk and beetroot
Giggling: over silly facebook posts and the funny things Maddie says - that girl has way too much sass!
Feeling: happy, and nostalgic
Snacking: on pecan nuts
Helping: kids bake
Hearing: James rocking out with the guitar
Hope you are having an awesome week too. Back tomorrow with pictures of my boy and his birthday quilt and some of the photos of our recent Flinders trip.
Keep smiling,