Friday, September 30, 2011

Loving Right Now..

*That our holidays have started a day early (Hannah woke up with a sore throat so no school run for us today)
*Having all of my nearest and dearest together under one roof (James has holidays too)
*My grown up baby who insists on wearing piggy tails and dressing herself - is there seriously anything cuter than a not quite two year old in piggies?
*That her new favourite phrase is "but I LOVE you!" with a big smoochy kiss
*The prospect of a bit of sewing/quilting/mummy time with my gorgeous quilty friends tomorrow (and there might even be a little bit of good food and good wine and good coffee, and I know there will be lots of talking and projects shared)
*The feeling of satisfaction that comes with the end of a busy term and the prospect of two long, lazy weeks ahead
*The luxury of a second cup of coffee and catching up on favourite blogs while my children entertain each other
*The prospect of two new baby quilts for two of my dearest friends - the thought that maybe I will make a start this weekend
*Knowing that a friend who was going through a tough time will be receiving unexpected flowers
*Seeing my local community once again rise to the challenge when one of our little families experiences tragedy

We live in such a special place.  Despite 3 days of rain and miserable weather I feel like I have such a lot to be thankful for this morning.
Have a fabulous weekend,
Keep smiling,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Too Busy to Scratch ...

Long time no blog... It has been crazy busy around here.  Too crazy busy.  Since last I blogged there has been a Creative Memories Conference in Sydney (with a flying catch up with my dear friend Ness) then a flying visit to my sister for some squishable time with this sweet little eskimo baby:
This was such a quick visit that there was no time to catch up with Brissie friends or extended family.  I am trying really hard not to feel guilty about that (still love you Gerty and Jen and Helen and Katherine and Kylie-Anne I promise!)  It was lovely for Mads to have some quality time with the grandies
And I finally got to play Auntie to that sweet little niece.
She is every bit as divine as she looks and living vicariously through my sis is truly the next best thing to having a fourth child which unfortunately is not likely to happen :(
In amongst all of this there has been school photos, preparations for a school concert and a Kindy Jungle Dance Party and I have been doing a few days of Temporary Teaching at kindy (3 days a week) while my dear friend Margot is unwell.  There have also been quotes for the new scrapping studio (building in the garage LOL), a mammoth pile of mulch, 6 adult sized zebra costumes, a brief calzone cook-up and too many winter lurgies to mention.  I have been dreaming of Spring, and a slower pace to life.
Maybe next year I will learn to find more of a balance.  Maybe next year I will learn to say "no" a bit more (and maybe not open my mouth quite so much)  Maybe next year I might even get back to my sewing machine?
May your September be full of Spring flowers and quiet days.