Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's on the menu?

Funny how the minute the weather cools I begin thinking of food! We've been indulging in quite a few hearty winter type meals lately and I've even pulled the bread maker out again.
Hannah's amazing kindy made this soup last week and it is going to be our tea tomorrow night with a warm loaf of fresh bread. You can almost feel this soup keeping the flu bugs away!

Margot's 9 Veg soup

2 onions
2 potatoes
1 turnip
2 zucchinis
1/2 small pumpkin
1/4 cabbage
2 sticks celery
2 carrots
2 squash
2 tbs chicken stock powder
1 tsp lemon pepper seasoning
knob of butter
vegie oil
salt and pepper to taste

Method: chop all vegies into small cubes. Fry onions in oil and butter until soft. Add all vegies and fry until sealed (not browned)
Add enough water to just cover vegies.
Add Chicken stock powder and lemon pepper.
Simmer on low heat until vegies are soft.
Blend with a bamix or blender.
Adjust seasoning to taste.


Tonight's tea is sausage meatballs with peas and spaghetti from Jamie Oliver's "At Home" book.

I must not be the only one thinking about food because I went to visit my friend Nic the other day and she had baked a mountain of choc chip cookies - the recipe is on her blog "through my eyes" and I can personally say they were about the best choc chip cookies I have ever eaten!

Go Eat and enjoy!
Keep smiling,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Memoranza Retreat

I spent the weekend cropping with 12 other like-minded people at Glenbarr Homestead in Strathalbyn. It was quite a rainy weekend but we so didn't care! Most of the girls avarged about 40 pages! We all agreed that it was very nice not to have to cook or clean or attend to small children. I think I could get used to it as a bit of a treat (although the extra cuddles and attention from little people when I got home was lovely too!)

This was my favourite bit of scrapping from the weekend - I already have this photo in Dan's baby album but wanted to play with the puzzlemaker for my "Ideas album"

I have been doing a camera course through WEA. It is definitely keeping the Alzheimers at bay - I had no idea it would be quite so technical or I would learn quite so much about things I know absolutely nothing about! Took some quite nice scenic shots at Glenbarr on the weekend but haven't loaded them yet.

Hope you have a good week,

Keep smiling,


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Melbourne in Autumn

We were lucky enough to spend last weekend in Melbourne with some very dear friends. Hubby and I lived in Melbourne for 5 years and we still love it!

Melbourne in Autumn is breathtaking. Not only is there that slight chill in the air, all the trees wear Autumn foliage and the whole city seems to just hum.

We caught the tram everywhere (super cheap and super easy!)

We went to Acland Street for cake (and I found chocolate cannoli so I was a happy camper) We wandered along the beach at St Kilda. We went to Vic Markets for breakfast (and bought way too much food because it was all so glorious) We spent time in pubs and cafes just soaking up the Melbourne night life. It was WONDERFUL, and the very best thing about it was sharing time with special friends who make every moment count.

These are my "forever" friends - the ones that know you better than you know yourself. Lou and Ness and I flatted together at uni. They took me to my first concert, bought me my first drink, and gently rubbed the square edges off me! They have been there for me ever since, despite the fact that we all live in different states! About 10 years ago we caught up in the Fitzroy gardens and a total stranger took a photo of the three of us on this bench. This time we had hubbies along to take the photo for us! Can't wait to scrap the two photos together on a layout!

Anyone who has been blog surfing from my blog will know that I have a bit of an obsession with following "Meet Me at Mikes" Pip constantly reminds me of things I had forgotten about my childhood (and even her header is from one of the books my sister and I had) Because we had such limited time I had not mentioned dropping in to the actual store but I was delighted when we found ourselves on Brunswick St, on dusk, and walked right by it! Amazingly it was still open and so I was able to have a lovely (albeit quick) walk down memory lane - vintage mugs like my grandmothers, gorgeous little girls dresses, and a wonderful illustrated copy of Little Black Sambo that I would so have taken home if the budget hadn't been so tight!

My one and only regret about the weekend was that I didn't get to see any of my Melbourne buddies. Knowing that we had such little time and that we were there to catch up with my forever friends I didn't even publicise the fact that we were in town. Hopefully now that James remembers how great Melbourne is we can go back soon! Apologies Lisa, Sharon and Jude - next time I promise dear things!

Keep smiling,