Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Stuff

Oh holidays I love you!
There has been lots of good stuff here lately.
A spontaneous trip to the local op shop for a copy of "Black Beauty" unearthed some great treasures including a new summer handbag (still with the tissue paper in it) a kids weaving loom, books for all three children, 2 new summer skirts for me and a cute 50c dress for Maddie, 2 balls of 50c wool for my Tassie hats project, a set of vintage glasses and a couple of cute china plates, some 20c zips for more humbug bags, a cute red and white checked tablecloth and a yummy basket perfect for showing off my skeins or knitting projects.

There has been LOTS more knitting!  My friend Lea-Anne and her lovely daughter came over last week and   Lea-Anne was playing the part of my conscience and making me finish things!  This is the Tassie hat collection so far.  I have had fun playing with odd snippets of leftovers to mix and match combos.

I have become re-inspired to keep knitting my Lightening Speed - only about 21 rows from the end now!

And in between all the crumbs, sibling rivalry wars, clutter and chaos there has been lots of dramatic play!  There have been sleepovers, puppet shows, countless iceblocks, water play, swimming, lazy t.v. watching, fashion parades and play dates. Tomorrow the cherubs head off to Granny's for a few days and I start back at work and so begins another school year..
Happy remainder of the holidays to you!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Support for Tassie

Tasmania needs our help!
Calling all of my quilty, knitty friends!

I am catching up with one of my Tassie friends in February and hope to be able to pass over a parcel of hand-knits.  When I visited in July of last year it was FREEZING so I am sure those that have lost everything would appreciate some handknits.  I am thinking beanies and mittens but you can seriously do whatever you think will be helpful.

They are also asking for quillows and quilts for the kids and teenagers.  I've never made a quillow before but I am hoping to whip up a few little quilts.

So what do you say? Wanna help me?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Passing on a passion, sharing a skill..

My big kids have been wanting me to teach them to knit for a long time so we decided today was the day.

I first tried to learn to knit when I was about 8. My Mum tried to teach me but she couldn't make it stick so I taught myself when I was 9 and have loved it ever since.  I learned to knit with acrylic wool on slippery metal needles.  Call me a yarn snob but I was determined that I wanted my children to love the "feeling" of knitting as much as the knitting itself so we went with small wooden needles and 100% wool.

I don't think any of my cherubs will learn to knit proficiently in an afternoon but they are all making good progress and I am so proud of them!

Latest spinning:

This is some sparkly "purple pizzazz" that  Hannah has taken to learn to knit with.

And this soft cloud of fluff is "Lucy" 50% angora bunny and 50% merino - my knitters fingers are just itching to knit it up!

I've also been enjoying the holidays doing some scrapping.  These are my two new favourites using the new "P.S. I Love You" range.

Happy Wednesday!
Keep smiling,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Endings and beginnings

What a lovely lazy New Year's Day.  Last night I finished Lil and Will, bringing the total to 7 quilts for 2012.
Today I finished my MIL's sock, her scarf (which has only needed 3 rows and the fringe since last August!!!) this little baby jacket  (which I suspect would look better on a baby) and this sweet little rainbow hat for a friend's little rainbow baby.

Then, because it is the dawn of a whole new year and I was feeling reckless I cast on Hannah's poncho and this sweet little dress bodice from the Debbie  Bliss magazine that I borrowed from our library.
I felt good because both of these projects will come from my stash (and I will start the year really trying to shop from my stash!)
Hope you had a great start to your new year too!