Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Fun with CTMH

I have been playing with the Brushed Workshop on the Go pack in preparation for tomorrow's workshop.  I love the sayings in this stamp set (I can see it getting a LOT of use!)  Maddie had fun getting inky with me too and I had to laugh when I was getting her all set up to stamp because she said "Yes Mum, you better set me up with a stamping station".  Later on she asked me for a "one inch block because this stamp is soooo little!"  She just cracks me up.  Too grown up for words sometimes!
This first layout is straight out of the Workshop on the Go kit and the second is an adaptation from the Make it From Your Heart Book Volume 2 Pattern 2.  This book is so good for when you need a bit of inspiration, and a total bargain at only $10.

I also finished off Seb's little bear to go with his cardi set.  It was from out of the Better Homes and Gardens Knitting Book.  Very easy and quick and a great stash buster for leftovers (the cream wool is 2 strands of 4 ply left over from Hannah's baby layette!) so I think I might be making a few more of these when I no longer have knitting deadlines LOL  Making good progress on Maddie's cotton version of the Longfellow Garden Cap Dress - almost up to separating out the sleeves so that will happen tonight I hope.

Happy Friday Folks!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Oh dear! I am failing miserably at my Close To My Heart Friday blogs.  So this one is a day late and last weeks never happened.  I have been playing with the November Stamp of the Month which is a lovely open ended flower design.  This one is very versatile and super user-friendly.
I have also been doing a bit of knitting.  I finished my lace shawl "Nightfall in Paris" which is one of my friend Nim's designs.  Then I finished a test knit hat and a sweet little test knit dress using some of my oldest stashed yarn.  Then today I finished a little cardi set for my friend Lou's newborn son Sebastian.

 Not sure how to link them here but they are all on my ravelry projects page.  One thing I am noticing through my Julie and Julia project is that I do use my craft books (definitely more knitting than sewing ones) but I also use ravelry more - which probably means that I need to limit my craft book collection only to books that I know I will use!
I have been crazy busy at work and next week is set to be a crazy week too so I am already thinking ahead to a simpler 2015!