Monday, October 3, 2016

October taking Stock

This seems to have become a school holiday tradition.  Lucky for me I was thinking about doing a "taking stock" post this morning and then the lovely Pip at did hers today.
The weather here has been absolutely Wintery and foul.  I am totally over it and ready for Spring!

Making : an album for my new niece, a "Milo" vest for charity
Cooking : lamb roast
Drinking : Annie's Lane Shiraz
Reading: just finished "The House Between Tides" and about to start "The Historian" again for our Frankensocks reading group
Trawling: Ravelry looking for inspiration
Wanting: muted kettle-dyed looking colours in rustic 8ply wool - I think I have had variegated overload
Looking: at yarn on line and then at my out of control stash lol
Deciding: to cold sheep for a little while so that I have only one basket of wool in the loungeroom
Wishing: Spring would arrive and the rain and cold would rack off and that I would find a surprise stash of red merino/silk sock yarn to start some Christmas gifts
Enjoying: the start of a two week holiday
Waiting: for the wheels to really fall off - with all of us home and four out of the five of us addicted to tv and screen time it is bound to get ugly
Liking: the idea of my friend's "I belong here" Children's Photography exhibition
Wondering:whether I can motivate my children to enter (I really don't want to bribe them!)
Loving: our sweet bunny Marmalade and the joy she brings to our family
Pondering: How to go more sugar-free/healthy without becoming radical
Listening: to British accents and Scottish accents (current obsession with BBC first LOL)
Considering: our possibilities for sorting out crafting space..oh for just one extra room!
Buying: furniture to make upstairs more workable (I hope)
Watching: Call the Midwife, A Place to Call Home, Jamie Oliver's Sugar Rush
Hoping: for sunshine tomorrow
Marvelling: that Daniel is almost 10!!!
Cringing: At the amount of junk food my children have consumed recently
Needing: To find a balance, to declutter, to breathe
Questioning: How to find the said balance
Smelling: Lilac - just blooming!
Wearing: leggings and winter dresses and ugg slippers around the house
Noticing: That our house would be quite big if we had less stuff
Knowing: That I am the main hoarder of said stuff
Thinking: I need to change that
Admiring: My very clever daughter who sang solo at the school concert.  She sang a song she loved and blew us all away. It was a very proud Mummy moment
Bookmarking: quilts using scraps
Disliking: the constant mess and nagging that comes with having us all home and all reluctant to do jobs!
Opening: the fire to put another log in
Loving: my red tulips that came up spontaneously and braved the cold and now make a cheery statement on the kitchen table
Helping: knit for Kurdistan refugees
Hearing: the wind howling outside
Celebrating: Dan's birthday with 10 friends at bowling and laser squirmish
Embracing: having us all home and warm and hunkered down

I have such a long list of holiday things to do.  Some are crafty, like my test cardigan and starting Christmas presents.  Some are boring, like updating my Teacher registration and cleaning up my desk at kindy, and putting in my TRT application for next year.  Some are necessary but not nice like booking an annual check up and updating prescriptions and getting my grey hairs covered.  Some are fun, like catching up with good friends, and going to our Close to My Heart conference and taking a little family road trip.  I almost feel like I will need a holiday to get over the holiday!
I hope wherever you are you are warm and snug and waiting for sunshine!