Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friday Night

To me Friday night doesn't get much better than this!  After the kids are in bed this is the way I kick off my weekend; a glass of red, chocolate, Better Homes and Gardens on the telly (followed by a movie or Moving to the Country); a bit of knitting with my new favourite needles (bought from and some playing with new CM product.  If I'm lucky I can normally sneak in a bubble bath too :)
Sometimes it is the simple things that make us happy (and yes I know it is Wednesday but I'm already looking forward to Friday!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hangin with the Cousins

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.  Yesterday was grey and horrible and I got NOTHING done and I was GRUMPY all day.  Today (with a little one back at school and a big one back at work) and the sun shining I have done 5 loads of washing, changed all the kids sheets, let the bunny and chooks out for a run, made a nummy casserole/beef stew for tea, played puzzles with Dan, cleaned Dan's room, answered essential emails and paid bills, tried Maddie with yoghurt for the first time (not a success LOL) and it is only just midday!  At this rate I might even get some crafting in!!!

I promised to post trip photos in a few different groupings and whilst I will get to the specky scenery shots I wanted to share these first because our trip was also about catching up with dear family members that we don't see nearly often enough.  So here we are just hanging out with the UK cousins!
Till next time,
Keep smiling,

Monday, June 14, 2010

While we were O/S...

While we were away this breathtakingly beautiful child turned 6, and while I love the age she is at and the wonderful conversations we are having I still struggle to see her growing up so quickly.

 And then, to really add insult to injury this sweet piece of enchantment turned 6 months old! Now where did THAT time go?!?!
Till next time,
Keep smiling,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Best of British Countryside : Travel shots part 1

We're back after a glorious two weeks in Britain (with 24 hours in Paris).  Between us Hannah and I took close to 1000 photos so I will share some of the favourites in a few random groupings over the next few posts. 

First up: quintessential English countryside; brambles, hedgerows, thickets, lakes. I felt like Beatrix Potter!

Lower Mill Estate, the CotswaldsSomerford LakeThames Path (public walking track that goes all the way to London)

What a heavenly week surrounded by Beautiful English countryside!