Monday, June 14, 2010

While we were O/S...

While we were away this breathtakingly beautiful child turned 6, and while I love the age she is at and the wonderful conversations we are having I still struggle to see her growing up so quickly.

 And then, to really add insult to injury this sweet piece of enchantment turned 6 months old! Now where did THAT time go?!?!
Till next time,
Keep smiling,

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The Handmaden said...

Beautiful, beautiful children! But yes, how fast they grow. It's funny you mention using a grow suit to make a doll, I considered doing that with the one I just made but changed my mind because it didn't seem soft enough - hence the flannel.
Hope you can get something done soon, i know exactly what you mean. It's an absolute wonder I finished the doll this weekend.
Keep soldiering on Mum, enjoy those gorgeous little faces.