Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spinning Rainbows, the kindness of strangers, and Julie and Julia

It strikes me that I never really wrapped up last year's Julie and Julia project? That is because it has sort of just evolved into me mentioning the book/magazine everytime I show a finished article on here.  I did learn that I do use my knitting and crochet books and mags but not so much my quilting ones so I am endeavouring not to buy too many more of them.  I also learned that more often than not I use patterns from Ravelry so I am being more selective with the books that I do purchase.  It was a good exercise and I did get to make some fun stuff, but I think when all is said and done I am happy enough with my book collection being largely eye candy to read in the bath.  Sometimes it is not so much about the finished product but about the planning and the dreaming and the what-ifs.  I am okay with that!

I have been spinning a fair bit lately.  I have also been spinning my own dyeing attempts. That has been super fun. Not that I think I will ever get into dyeing in a big way but it is really satisfying to have a project that you have dyed, then spun, then knit/crochet/woven.  This is the cold water solar dyeing that we did at Bungaree.
 While it was spinning it looked like this:
 This made for ridiculously happy spinning!
Then I navaho plied it to keep the colours:
Sooo much fun! I think this will become another little baby cardigan.

This week I finally got to a jam packed post box and found that the lovely Kate from over at had sent me the cutest little crocheted cupcake and one of her apple bags! Thank you Kate, I really love it and the apple bag made my day.  I will have to remember to take a photo and post it here after I clear my camera.  There is something about the kindness of strangers! I really hope that one day I meet Kate IRL because she is one of the best bloggers I know and I do really look to her for parenting wisdom too as well as a dose of crafty goodness!
Anyway, the roast is ready, the glass of red is poured, and the weekend is drawing to a close.  Hope yours was a good one!
Keep smiling,