Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Big Week

This week I was privileged to be a school helper on the 5,6,7 class camp to Nepabunna. Nepabunna is a tiny Aboriginal community in the Flinders Ranges.  This was my first visit to this unique part of the world and I feel like I am still processing a lot of our trip.  The scenery was dramatic, and diverse, and quite harsh.  The Adnyamantha people are so welcoming and friendly and keen to share their culture.  It was a wonderful experience.

Unfortunately about a third of the kids and most of the adults got a rotten flu bug and Hannah and I have spent the last few days recovering.  I was determined to still get to the Mt Pleasant Fibre Fair yesterday, so in the afternoon my friend Christine and I set off and managed to bring home some terrific goodies.

I finally have a new (working!) ballwinder and you have no idea how happy that makes me.  Of course lots of yummy fibre followed me home too - and books, oh books! The girls have already looked through that little knitted wrist warmers one and picked out a couple of must haves and now are casting looks at my stash to see what wool will be best LOL  The two pairs of socks are handknit by a lady from the Mt Pleasant Spinners and Weavers.  I love to knit socks but I know how time consuming they are and I cannot believe that she was able to make and sell them for $7.50 a child's pair and $20 for an adult.  The wool is often worth that much!  Anyway, I was happy to support her if it meant another day of warm feet at bush kindy. One day in the not too distant future I shall have enough handknit socks to wear a pair every day!
I got quite a lot of knitting in while we were travelling on the bus so next time I will be able to show you my progress on my Tea Leaves Cardigan and Klausner Mitts.
Until then, have a good week!