Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bunny Love

There is something about a bunny isn't there?  I am trying to convince myself that we bought Milo for the children but really, let's be honest here, it was just because I love having this warm little bundle of fluff around.  I think bunnies are such a good pet for children.  They have to learn to be quiet, and gentle, and care for something that is dependent on them.
Welcome to the family Milo.  We wish you many long years of cuddles and carrots.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Quiet time

Aagghhh! My cherubs brought home a gastro bug with them early last week.  It clung and persisted and knocked all bar Sir James in its wake.  I succumbed Thursday and ended up in bed for days unable and unwilling to eat.  Now it is Monday and the two big ones have gone back to school, bright eyed and well, and the littlest and I have one more day at home to just be.  To get back to normal. To get on top of the washing. To just sit and knit and chat and cuddle.  I am preparing for Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers Open Day.  I am toying with the idea of an etsy shop for anything that doesn't sell.  I am thinking about slow cooker meals and the big chunks of meat at the bottom of our freezer.  I am watching our new chooks and waiting for eggs.  I am smiling at the tree dahlia.  I am lamenting the state of the garden and the onset of Winter. I am mostly tired.  Exhausted.  It feels like today needs to be a slow day.  A  day for thinking and planning and recovering.
What about you?
What are you doing this Monday?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Julie and Julia Project and First Mixed Warp

Finally finished this raglan cardigan from 60 Quick Baby Knits.  I have to say that it wasn't quick and the sleeves seem too skinny and all up I am just not that happy with this one.  I think I am becoming a top-down convert.

Also finished this hat and mittens:
 Really chewing through the homespun at the moment which feels good and like a reason to spin up lots more when the Tour De France starts (we have a spin-along on Ravelry)

The kids and I had fun warping up another scarf this weekend with a few different yarns for the warp and a handspun multi-colour for the weft.  It was fun to see the colours play out.
 Hope you are enjoying the unseasonable sunshine of these late Autumn days!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Kick the Bucket and Julie and Julia

So I promised to show you my Kick the Bucket for March (which was Maddie's quilt)  My Kick the Bucket for May was Amelia's finished "Olinda" cardigan.

I can totally recommend any Tikki Knits as Georgie's patterns are a delight from the very first stitch (and I am usually not good with lace but this one was predictable!) 
And although I have been slack documenting my Julie and Julia projects I have done a few pairs of these (which look adorable packaged in little gift boxes made on the cricut)
 And there has also been this little guy out of some cheap super soft chenille from my local Spotlight:

And look what arrived in my mailbox today!

 I love Molly Wizenberg's first book so much (one of my all time favourite feel good reads) so I am really hoping this one is just as good.  Thankfully I will have some quiet time over the weekend to get stuck into it too!
Whoever you are, where ever you are, happy Friday to you!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Knit! Knit! Knit! And other stuff!

I have had super busy knitting fingers getting ready for the Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers Open Day.  There has been another In Threes cardigan finished.
Also some more washcloths.
And a Noro Bias scarf.
  And an epic fail weaving effort of a mohair scarf for my Mother in law.  We have also had some quality family time with my beautiful sister's wedding.

And then after we came back from Queensland we added this little love to the menagerie.  Her name is "Milo" and she has already given us so much joy.

 I was totally spoilt for Mothers Day with a new 5dpi reed and a 12.5dpi reed for my loom and 3 weaving books (so hopefully no more epic fails?) and a birdbath from James' parents.  We went to Anderson Hill for Mothers Day lunch.  Little Miss stole the show in her knitted dress (although I did hold my breath while she was tree climbing!  There are an awful lot of time-consuming stitches in that dress!)

  All in all life is pretty fine at the moment.  I hope the sun is shining on you too! xxx