Friday, May 16, 2014

Kick the Bucket and Julie and Julia

So I promised to show you my Kick the Bucket for March (which was Maddie's quilt)  My Kick the Bucket for May was Amelia's finished "Olinda" cardigan.

I can totally recommend any Tikki Knits as Georgie's patterns are a delight from the very first stitch (and I am usually not good with lace but this one was predictable!) 
And although I have been slack documenting my Julie and Julia projects I have done a few pairs of these (which look adorable packaged in little gift boxes made on the cricut)
 And there has also been this little guy out of some cheap super soft chenille from my local Spotlight:

And look what arrived in my mailbox today!

 I love Molly Wizenberg's first book so much (one of my all time favourite feel good reads) so I am really hoping this one is just as good.  Thankfully I will have some quiet time over the weekend to get stuck into it too!
Whoever you are, where ever you are, happy Friday to you!

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