Saturday, December 31, 2016

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that Jazz..

Oh dear, how did we get here?
Once again the year has flown and I am left with good intentions.

Christmas was oh so lovely.
Lots of baby cuddles and family time and farm time and a spot of fishing.

We've been back, enjoying the lazy, fall-off-the-calendar days between Christmas and New Year. I do believe they are some of my favourite days of the year.  Just pottering. Reflecting. Looking forward.

I have been knitting my way through the Ravelry Indie Designers Giftalong and plan to finish project number 7 tonight.  You can check them all out over on ravelry on my project page.

I know that I shouldn't make resolutions. I barely keep them. It is that "good intentions" thing again.
Yet every year I line up for another go!

I have committed to the Australasian CTMH Blog Hop twice a month for 2017 so at least my CTMH customers are guaranteed of seeing some more regular papercrafting.

I have decided to challenge myself to make one knitting/crochet/fibre project from my books and one sewing/quilting project each month and share them on the blog.

I also have an idea to scrap a page a day in January but won't be very formal about when and where I post these layouts - it is the holidays after all and life is too short to stress.

Anyhow, a couple of my favourite photos from the festive break.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for the first of the Blog Hops.

Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful 2017.
Keep smiling,