Saturday, November 5, 2011

So many lovely things
All in one spot...
No need to keep all of those magazine cutouts and scraps of paper anymore...
What if my computer crashes?
Dear oh dear - I can totally see me spending far too much time on Pinterest!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Today I am loving:
The taste of Summer!
The first rose from our back garden - the promise that one day it will be just as full of flowers as the front garden
 The chaos of colour and fragrance of our front garden - roses that remind me of my wedding bouquet everytime I see them
A quiet morning at home with my little ones after a crazy busy week
Crafty time with a talented friend (and the promise of more crafty time with my quilty friends tomorrow)
A "free" Friday night with hubby's favourite tea and a bottle of good red
The possibilities presented by pinterest!
The arrival of doors, windows and kitchenette for the extension - it really is going to happen next week!
2 cards in the post from beautiful friends
Thinking about my gorgeous sis who is having a birthday tomorrow and my darling Nanny who is having her birthday Sunday
Life is so good!