Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Spring is Springing!

Oh how I love Spring!
The garden is blossoming - daffodils and peach and nectarine blossom everywhere! I just love it.  I have been sharing quite a few spring photos over on instagram but I just had to show you my blossom in my favourite blue jug.
That cute little teacup candle was from my favourite op shop for a whole $2.  I also managed to get shiny red fake-Doc boots for $10 when I was there last week! I haven't op shopped for so long that it felt good to get a couple of bargains.

Spring has also sprung at Bushland Park - we were treated to a rare find of a frosted dragonfly.
The kids have been very interested in using my camera to take photos of the wildflowers.  Right after she snapped this photo my little friend took a photo of me!

As goofy as I look with my back pack, first aid bumbag and big red jacket seeing this photo did make me smile because this really is my happy place and a big reason for why I enjoy teaching so much.  This nature play journey we are on is by far the most inspirational and uplifting part of my teaching career.
Last week Bushland Park was being used for an Artist's Retreat so we had to head down to the Summer Track, which is where we began bush kindy a few years ago.  It was a lovely way to reminisce and remember and think about how far we've come but also some great views of our little town. I never get tired of the beauty of this place. I can see why they call it the "Valley of Praise"

Where ever you are this week, I hope you are finding some Spring loveliness to make you smile.