Friday, June 27, 2014

Test Knits and a bit of Op shopping

I have never been a "test" knitter.  Mostly because I think that even though I have been knitting for a long time I am a very slow knitter (and most test knits have a tight deadline) and I am also quite a simple knitter (maths hurts my head and I knit for relaxation not mental gymnastics) which of course is why I took it into my head to sign up for 2 test knits within a few days of each other (and in the same month that I am supposed to be knitting a silly cow onsie for my soon to be niece or nephew!)  I know! I am hopeless!

Anyhow, the first test knit is a lovely shawl pattern from Nim Teasedale over at  I am knitting it in a scrummy 4ply merino/cashmere from

There was a child-wrangling incident which resulted in some frogging and starting over and the second time around I was distracted and cast on 4 stitches instead of 7.  Not to worry.  I have finished the garter stitch middle and am ready to fudge the final row count to start the lace section.

The second test knit is the Nokomis Tie Strap Summer Dress by Jenni Lansing.  I love this pattern. So simple and sweet even if I did have to let little Miss choose her own colours.  I am not anticipating that this one will be too much of a problem as it is stocking stitch and seed stitch (should be a perfect vege out project).  
There is also a Gruffalo hat in progress (hopefully finished this weekend) for our kindy excursion to the forest.

Yesterday, in between my to do list, I found myself parked right outside my favourite Op shop with no kids.  A quick dash inside produced a couple of vintage hankies, 3 winter coats and a long sleeved shirt, and this sweet little trio of dishes which I think will be perfect for chutneys, tea bags, and jam with scones.  They are made in Japan, but as I get older I am getting less snobbish about that.  I also couldn't go past the 50c blue jug.  That brings the collection to 5 (oops) and I shamelessly think that there will probably be more in my future.

And now, after a busy week, it is Friday.  My favourite day of the week.  Roll on a cruisy crafty weekend.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Double Digits

10 years ago this little possum turned our world upside down when she made us parents!  She came into the world face up, eyes wide open, and we should have known then that this was the way she would approach life.
 In the blink of an eye she was walking and talking and turning 1.

And then that is just the way it went.  She grew so quickly, spreading joy and happiness in her wake.  She has always been bright, cheeky, and curious about her world.  She has enormous empathy for others, and a huge heart for animals.  She is so loved and loving.

Hannah Bear, my little Hannah Kate.  We love you so very much. Happy Double Digits birthday sweet girl.