Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kick the Bucket and Julie and Julia

You could be forgiven for thinking I dropped off the end of the planet.  In actual fact life has just been crazy busy with kindy and that has left little time for crafting or blogging.  I did, in fact, finish 3 big projects in 3 months, as well as a host of other little crafty projects tucked into an hour of knitting at karate, or a few moments stolen while waiting on appointments/kids/etc.  My amazing quilty friends organised a whole weekend of sewing at Port Elliot - it was bliss!  I got soooo much done! So this is the world's ugliest quilt finished:

This will become an 80th birthday present for my Nanny who has Alzheimers and won't even know what day it is :(
Then there was this wall hanging which was started at Jane's Christmas in July Gathering when I was pregnant with Maddie!  I love how this one turned out, especially as I am not a fan of satin stitch.  This is a Leanne Beasley pattern.
The last quilt is Lena's but I do have a small bit of finishing to do on it this morning before I show it off. There was also this little cardigan for baby Mike, the pattern is from Joelle Hoverson's "More Last Minute Knitted Gifts"
 I sent it up to him with a little woodland knitted hat and then this photo showed up on facebook - how cute is he!?!?
 There was also lots of rav pattern knitting - 2 pairs of calypso mitts
 and a Merrit for my friend's birthday:
All three projects were handspun - quick and fulfilling.  I also finished James' Jedd socks for Father's Day.  Then there was some test knitting for this cowl, Cloud 9.  I really like this one and think that both the girls will probably get their own smaller versions for Christmas.  The lace repeat is only about 17 stitches wide and every second row is purl so it is kind of a cheat's lace.   I also have a bit of a think for moss stitch and double moss stitch so that was a win win too!

Next on the to do list are a couple of bigger projects for me (Paris Cardi and a green cardi) and a couple of hats for Nessie's girls.  Next up for quilting is a Dr Seuss baby quilt for Lou and a bed sized version for Dan.  Luckily, holidays are just around the corner!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stamp of the Month and some new techniques

I just love this month's Stamp of the Month - so sweet for photos of kids and family and that tree will be awesome for all sorts of photos.
Did you notice the wood grain washi and the wanderful arrows washi on that first one?  I have also been playing with dimensional elements.  While I still wouldn't put them in my album they are great for cards and home decor items:
 This is our dimensional pennant frame - great as a gift for grannies and friends!  The paper roses are cut on the cricut and rolled using a quilling tool.
On the weekend I learnt how to make other flowers from the cricut too: 
I can see this being a great project for gatherings/hands on classes.
I am also exploring with our Shinhan markers - this was my first page using them (and last month's SOM)
Happy scrapping until next time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August Taking Stock

August is flying by way too fast.  In fact life is flying by way too fast.  So thanks to Pip over at here I am taking stock:
Making : some lifestyle changes (my doctor says I have to)
Cooking : slowcooker meals and quick things from "5 ingredients 10 minutes"
Drinking : Sleepy Time t2 tea (which is working wonders for my insomnia)
Reading: Ghost of Shadows and Fog (a very interesting read)
Knitting: Socks, more socks
Scrapping: Robe Holiday photos
Missing: my grandfather, it has been almost a year but I still think about him every day
Wanting: Chocolate, oh please, chocolate - why can't someone invent a calory free version?
Looking: At the grey hair, laughter lines and forehead wrinkles
Playing: Trucks and roads and mud kitchen recipes with my kindy kids (it makes me happy!)
Deciding: To live a healthier, simpler, less stressful life
Wishing: more people cared about packaging and landfill and what our kids will inherit
Enjoying: snuggles and cuddles with my small girl
Waiting: For Winter to end
Liking: The last few days of sunshine
Wondering: When life will slow down
Loving: stolen crafty moments
Pondering: why no one has invented "healthy" chocolate and why red wine has more calories than white?
Considering: learning to like white wine
Watching: My boy gain confidence and coordination at karate twice a week
Hoping: The cleaning fairy visits my craftroom tonight while I sleep
Marvelling: At how much children still teach me, and surprise me, every day
Needing: Quiet time at home
Smelling: Jurlique Rose hand cream (gifted from a lovely friend) and the blossom tree on the corner of our street
Wearing: My red boots
Following: too many pinterest boards
Noticing: How many people say ugly things to one another
Knowing: How quickly children grow
Thinking: Am I missing too much of it?
Admiring: Bonnie and Camille fabrics (can you ever have enough of Bonnie and Camille?)
Sorting: Nothing - way too busy, but dreaming of sorting scrapping stuff, and kids clothes, and junk from off the pool table
Buying: Copious quantities of carrot and quinoa salad (my new favourite healthy lunch)
Getting: Older and grumpier by the day!
Disliking: Juggling too much stuff
Opening: too many packets of rice crackers? Who eats them all? I swear they just vanish in this house
Giggling: over the silly things my kids do just to make me laugh
Feeling: tired, and blah, and guilty about diet and exercise
Snacking: On Paradise/Heavenly mix and strawberries
Coveting: a long term part time contract at my favourite kindy (not gonna happen unfortunately)
Wishing: it could be simpler
Helping: Organise two conferences
Hearing: My children coughing (go away Winter coughs and colds) the ipod on shuffle (love to be able to craft to such an eclectic mix)
Realizing: this has become quite a negative post when I wasn't meaning it to be.
Thankfully Spring is just around the corner and hopefully it brings with it a bit of breathing space and some happy carefree days with those I love.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mastering the Sock

I have knitted about 8 pairs of socks on circular needles now and every single pattern I have tried has needed tweaking or fudging or frogging, and required some cussing and ripping back and staring cross-eyed at the pattern.  Not anymore.  Enter Cat Bordhi's "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles" - I have just finished the "Simple Sock" for James, out of the most beautiful "Jedd" colourway from Moseley Park.  This is quite possibly the most perfect bit of knitting I have ever done - no fudging, no cussing.  A joy to knit.  That makes me ridiculously happy.

There has also been a lot of spinning for the Tour De Fleece.
And yesterday I managed to finish quilting the world's ugliest UFO and I will stitch down the binding on it Wednesday night at sewing!

Tomorrow is the very last day of holidays - one more day of sleeping in, cooked brekkies and slow paced days.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Favourite Layouts from the Weekend!

We had my "team and friends" CTMH retreat on the weekend.  I managed over 60 pages and these are just a few of the favs:
We have a brand new ideas catalogue out this month so I cannot wait to get my hands on some exciting new goodies!
Happy scrapping!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

School Holiday Status Update

Thinking: of casting on a new cardi for my new nephew baby Mike
Feeling: all snuffly and fluey and tired
Eating: cooked breakfasts and lazy day food
Decluttering: the craft room
Dreaming of: a flat stomach and losing a few kilos (DH is off getting a new exercise bike)
Knowing: the laziness of the next few days is fleeting before we go helter skelter into the new school term again
Frogging: the stupid cow onsie
Proud of: the 60 odd pages that I got done on our weekend retreat
Lamenting: the messy state of this house
Cooking: nothing that requires effort
Reading: The Phantom of the Opera (for rav reading group) and anything by Alexander Mcall Smith (who I have recently discovered)
Watching: nothing decent since A Place to Call Home finished and there is no Downton for a long time (might need to restart the Downton discs back at series 1)
Sewing: what's sewing? Really want to finish that quilt ufo this week
Spinning: lots and lots for the Tour De Fleece (and I got my old wheel working down at the beach house so now I have a holiday wheel as well! How cool is that!)
Knitting: Willow test knit shawl, Jedd socks for James
Listening to: Rain on the roof, kids playing computer, telly in the background
Grateful for: a lovely few days away at Robe making memories with the kids

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kick the Bucket and Julie and Julia

There has been lots of frenzied crafting here after the boy announced that we would holiday at the beach all of this week.  I have finished the Nokomis test knit (and this pattern has been released on Rav)  It is a super quick and super easy sweet little knit (and best of all Mads loves it and wants to wear it!)

I also finished the Gruffalo Hat in time to wear to the forest with kindy.  I am claiming that as a Julie and Julia project as I modified the polar bear hat from the book "Animal Hats" which is making its way into my library as we speak!

And then there was some hurried finishing on this little guy.  My friend started this Melly and Me "Dilbert" pattern a long time ago.  She did all the hard work and then gifted it to me to finish.  As she has a new little grandson I finished it to give to him. Tick that one off the Kick the Bucket list.

Just lately I have been VERY naughty in adding to fibre and fabric stashes so I am cold sheeping/stash busting for a while to make up for it.  
 Of course part of that means spinning up all of the "little" and random bits that I have accumulated - like this blue/black that I aquired in a swap.

It is "Tour De Fleece" at the moment so I am trying to spin as often as I can while that is on.
And, of course, next weekend is my consultant and friends scrapping retreat so there is a bit of crazy packing going on too!
Life is never dull when you are busy LOL
Have a great week folks!