Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time for Meet me at Mike's taking stock again!
Making : card kits for my first "card buffet" on the weekend
Cooking : pork ribs and potato bake and our favourite beetroot and feta and pecan and sweetpotato salad
Drinking : apple cider (yay for Summer weather!)
Reading: "Delancey" (again) perfect holiday reading.  I love the way Molly Wizenberg writes.  Just finished "The Lie" which was well written but kind of moody and bare and depressing
Wanting: another week of holidays
Looking: at lovely things on ravelry
Playing: my favourites list on the ipod
Deciding: to make a conscious effort to do over 10 000 steps each day
Wishing: the 9 year old birthday boy would stop growing so fast
Enjoying: holidays with everyone home (what a luxury to have James home too!)
Waiting: for Mum and Dad to get back from cruising
Liking: Sleep ins, and lazy days
Wondering: If I could pay children to clean up the kitchen
Loving: my Spring garden - a 10 year old lilac bush that has just now decided to bloom!
Pondering: the next quilting project (now that Dr Seuss is finally done)
Considering: casting on another knitting project
Buying: groceries - we seem to eat such a lot with us all home!
Watching: The 3rd series of a Place to Call Home, Foyle's War reruns
Hoping: For a calm, stress free 4th term
Marvelling: that I am mother to a 9 year old boy - where did that chubby baby go?
Cringing: At the thought of NQS assessment and 55 summative reports this term
Needing: Sleep, home comforts, quiet days
Smelling: Lilac and lavender and jasmine and roses - oh sweet Spring smells
Wearing: my new favourite summer dress (made locally and super comfortable - LOVE IT)
Following: CTMH card ideas on Pinterest
Noticing: the washing piling up
Knowing: holidays can't last forever
Thinking: I have pretty great kids
Admiring: crafty people who can get paid to do what they love
Sorting: Maddie's old clothes, my old craft magazines
Getting: ridiculously over-excited at the vintage Strawberry Shortcake colouring books gifted to my kids - the very same one that I had when I was a girl - circa 1982!!!!)
Bookmarking: New recipes
Coveting: more Summer dresses and nice sandals
Disliking: that no matter how much I exercise I still don't lose weight
Opening: junk mail and cans of condensed milk and beetroot
Giggling: over silly facebook posts and the funny things Maddie says - that girl has way too much sass!
Feeling: happy, and nostalgic
Snacking: on pecan nuts
Helping: kids bake
Hearing: James rocking out with the guitar
Hope you are having an awesome week too. Back tomorrow with pictures of my boy and his birthday quilt and some of the photos of our recent Flinders trip.
Keep smiling,

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Spring Finishes!

Oh Spring is in the air and the last three days of sunshine have lifted spirits and blown the cobwebs away.  I've even had the kids Spring Cleaning and decided to rearrange my craft room!
In the midst of the Spring fever I finally finished my
and I love them sooooo much! Jude is an awesome local designer (remember the Vivonne Bay Hat?)
and this is her latest effort.  This pattern taught me soooo much and now I can read charts a whole new world of knitting has opened up!

There has also been another two little cardigans from the "One" pattern (also on my rav page)
And I have been mucking about with a bit of my own semi-designing using a bit of a mix and match technique to come up with a soft little lace edged cap for one of the kindy newborns (angora bunny/merino mix - soooo soft and smooshy)

Now I have to get back to sorting out my craft room in time for this week's workshop!
Happy Spring!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Taking back September..

I used to like September.  Spring is my favourite season.  I have always been more in tune with Spring than any other season.  I have always been able to wake up one morning sometime around September 1st and sniff the air and exclaim that "Spring is Here!"  But sometime a few years ago everything changed.  Suddenly September is a month of pain, and worry. Partly it is because by September my Vitamin D levels have dropped to way beyond acceptable leaving me teary and emotional, but mostly it is because over the last few years September has been a miserable month for many of my friends and family.  This year, already, barely a week into September, my Mum is sick with low blood pressure, my friend is mourning the anniversary of losing her son 6 years ago, my best friend is mourning the loss of her baby a few years ago, I am remembering my Grandad who passed away in September.  Today my high school friend lost her grandmother. Tuesday we will celebrate a sweet girl who should have been turning 11.  At work we have been making meals for 3 families who are going through tough times. At home I am waiting for the inevitable sad news that two friends have lost their partners to the Big C.  September is crap. September sucks.  Which is why tonight I am letting myself indulge in a pity party, and tomorrow morning I will wake up and I will look for the good things, and I will grasp them with both hands.  I know that life can't always be perfect which is why I will ride this wave and come out the other side.  Hold close to those you love. Help those that you can in the little ways that you can. Know that you can't change some things. Try to find the good..

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Big Week

This week I was privileged to be a school helper on the 5,6,7 class camp to Nepabunna. Nepabunna is a tiny Aboriginal community in the Flinders Ranges.  This was my first visit to this unique part of the world and I feel like I am still processing a lot of our trip.  The scenery was dramatic, and diverse, and quite harsh.  The Adnyamantha people are so welcoming and friendly and keen to share their culture.  It was a wonderful experience.

Unfortunately about a third of the kids and most of the adults got a rotten flu bug and Hannah and I have spent the last few days recovering.  I was determined to still get to the Mt Pleasant Fibre Fair yesterday, so in the afternoon my friend Christine and I set off and managed to bring home some terrific goodies.

I finally have a new (working!) ballwinder and you have no idea how happy that makes me.  Of course lots of yummy fibre followed me home too - and books, oh books! The girls have already looked through that little knitted wrist warmers one and picked out a couple of must haves and now are casting looks at my stash to see what wool will be best LOL  The two pairs of socks are handknit by a lady from the Mt Pleasant Spinners and Weavers.  I love to knit socks but I know how time consuming they are and I cannot believe that she was able to make and sell them for $7.50 a child's pair and $20 for an adult.  The wool is often worth that much!  Anyway, I was happy to support her if it meant another day of warm feet at bush kindy. One day in the not too distant future I shall have enough handknit socks to wear a pair every day!
I got quite a lot of knitting in while we were travelling on the bus so next time I will be able to show you my progress on my Tea Leaves Cardigan and Klausner Mitts.
Until then, have a good week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spinning, and Knitting, and Baking to beat the Winter Blues

Well it is Tour De Fleece time again and that means spinning everyday that the bikes are in motion.  We are all most nostalgic for all things French at the moment as it is two years exactly since our Paris sojourn.  The weather has turned decidedly icy so a fair bit of time has been spent baking, spinning and knitting and scrapping indoors.
Yay for crafty goodness!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Taking Stock..

Time for taking stock again, a tradition from Pip Lincolne over at
Making : a cute little rainbow cardigan from wool I dyed and spun myself
Cooking : slow cooker meals, and lots of quick easy pasta
Drinking : decaf coffee and not enough water
Reading: Year of Pleasures by Elisabeth Berg.  She is perfect week 10 reading - kind of soothing..
Wanting: To get new hikers and break them in before week 3 term 4
Looking: at ways of decluttering over the holidays
Playing: new story cds in the car for kindy
Deciding: whether to pay more off the car loan or the mortgage
Wishing: I could have been in two places at once tonight (Dan got his orange belt at karate presentation and Hannah sang solo in the Choir at Hills Music Festival)
Enjoying: watching them both grow and blossom doing what they love
Waiting: for holidays (one more sleep!!)
Liking: my days in the bush with my kindy kids
Wondering: How long Maddie will have this cough and whether it will get worse?
Loving: the thought of 2 weeks of school holidays with my kiddos
Pondering: Whether I should take Maddie to the doctors tomorrow and how much the whooping cough/tetanus and diptheria update vaccination will hurt? I am such a sook with needles!
Considering: Whether I could sneak in one last bit of spinning tomorrow night before the Tour De Fleece starts..
Buying: Seeded sour dough from the Lobethal Bakery (best bread anywhere) and horrible pre-packed pane au chocolat for the kids since it reminds them of France and is as close as it gets?
Watching: Nothing particular - no new Downton and finished Call the Midwife on netflix so kind of inbetween tv shows at the moment
Hoping: For something good to watch soon!
Marvelling: That we got through the term!
Cringing: At the thought of two more terms fulltime.
Questioning: My ability to juggle work and family and Close To My Heart
Smelling: freshly washed hair and coffee
Wearing: p.j.s right now, but mostly jeans and my new red docs for work
Following: ravelry and pinterest and now instagram too
Noticing: that my kids have too much screen time
Knowing: that I need to change that even if it means being the bad cop these holidays
Thinking: they should go outside more
Admiring: how Dan's sensa can manage children with difficult behaviours
Sorting: a big box of old cm clutter
Getting: excited about Nepabunna
Coveting: merrel hikers
Disliking: the impending feeling of doom I get when I think about assessment and reporting, quality improvement plans and the National Guidelines Assessment that we will have next term
Opening: new circular needles and new fibre for the tdF
Giggling: at Dan's story about Granny swearing in the car
Feeling: Happy
Snacking: on Old Jamaica Rum and Raisin chocolate
Helping: Maddie learn to read
Hearing: That cough, poor little love!
Looking forward to: a surprise photography session for my Mother in Law (all of her grandies together) with photos by my awesome friend Ali Moylan
Dreaming: Of Summer!

If you would like to play along head over to Pip's blog.  
Happy holidays to all - I look forward to being back here with crafty goodness soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spinning Rainbows, the kindness of strangers, and Julie and Julia

It strikes me that I never really wrapped up last year's Julie and Julia project? That is because it has sort of just evolved into me mentioning the book/magazine everytime I show a finished article on here.  I did learn that I do use my knitting and crochet books and mags but not so much my quilting ones so I am endeavouring not to buy too many more of them.  I also learned that more often than not I use patterns from Ravelry so I am being more selective with the books that I do purchase.  It was a good exercise and I did get to make some fun stuff, but I think when all is said and done I am happy enough with my book collection being largely eye candy to read in the bath.  Sometimes it is not so much about the finished product but about the planning and the dreaming and the what-ifs.  I am okay with that!

I have been spinning a fair bit lately.  I have also been spinning my own dyeing attempts. That has been super fun. Not that I think I will ever get into dyeing in a big way but it is really satisfying to have a project that you have dyed, then spun, then knit/crochet/woven.  This is the cold water solar dyeing that we did at Bungaree.
 While it was spinning it looked like this:
 This made for ridiculously happy spinning!
Then I navaho plied it to keep the colours:
Sooo much fun! I think this will become another little baby cardigan.

This week I finally got to a jam packed post box and found that the lovely Kate from over at had sent me the cutest little crocheted cupcake and one of her apple bags! Thank you Kate, I really love it and the apple bag made my day.  I will have to remember to take a photo and post it here after I clear my camera.  There is something about the kindness of strangers! I really hope that one day I meet Kate IRL because she is one of the best bloggers I know and I do really look to her for parenting wisdom too as well as a dose of crafty goodness!
Anyway, the roast is ready, the glass of red is poured, and the weekend is drawing to a close.  Hope yours was a good one!
Keep smiling,