Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! We've been very busy enjoying all of the good things about the festive season. The kids have loved counting down the days on the advent tree.
I have not had much of a chance to do any Christmas crafting since Maddie arrived (lots of patting and rocking and feeding but no crafting LOL!) At least I finally finished these little kangaroos (out of the Softies pattern book by "My Little Mochi") These are going to live in London with my niece and nephew.

On Tuesday night we were in the Lobethal Live Nativity again. This has become an annual event (both Dan and Maddie have been baby Jesus and Hannah has been an angel every year since Dan was born) I love that this is something we can do to really celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. It was extra special this year to have a cast full of friends and favourite ex-students! Hannah even had one of her kindy friends as another little angel. Daniel was delighted to be a shepherd with my friend Nic, and even more excited when he got to hold a sheep and a stick!!!

Madeline slept through the first performance and only got a bit wriggly for the second. At just 3 weeks of age she was one of the youngest baby Jesus they had this year!

Wednesday night was the Lobethal Pageant. The kids and I went on the back of the kindy float! So much fun and we saw so many people we knew! I think this might become another Christmas tradition!
Now there is not much left to do; a few presents to wrap, a trampoline to assemble; a pudding to defrost...I think a nice glass of red and a bit of chill out time is in order. Whoever you are, where ever you are, we wish you peace and happiness this Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Is there anything more precious than a newborn?

More photos of my sweet Maddie girl. Is there anything nicer than the smell of a newborn? That soft downy spot at the back of their neck? Those long eyelashes and the little rosebud mouth? We are all so in love...makes the sleep deprivation totally worth it hey!
p.s. thanks to my wonderful friend Nic who came over this morning to take newborn shots with an uncooperative baby and two over-cooperative kidlets! Lovely to actually have some photos of Maddie and Mummy!
Keep smiling,

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Madeline Emily

She's here! Madeline Emily arrived early on November 30th 2009. Instead of the big boofy boy I thought I was having we have a petite little girl (7 pound 11 ounces)
Hannah cried when James told her she had a sister - I knew she wanted a girl but I had no idea how much she had her heart set on it - or how instant the bond between them would be. Hannah is totally smitten and every bit the big sister. Not a single day goes by when she doesn't tell me how special Maddie is, or how this will be the best Christmas ever because we have baby Madeline (at the risk of being sentimental I totally agree with her!)

Unlike her siblings, Madeline was a beautiful newborn. Here she is just two hours old.

My parents have been staying for the week - wonderful family time - we have almost been in "hibernation" doing only the essentials and spending the rest of the time with just us!

My Dad is a little smitten with his new grand-daughter too - look at the size of his hands compared to Maddie's! This photo makes my heart skip a beat! I love the way newborns are so sleepy and trusting!

I can't get the computer to move these photos to where I want them so you will just have to take them as they are. The one of Maddie on the blue shawl is her "going home" photo - Dan also wore this little white suit home.
Would love to be posting this poetic, lyrical post about the joy of newborns but am just overjoyed that at the moment I have all three asleep and some time to myself - think I might have to go and have a big bubbly bath with chocolate before Madeline's next feed (life is very much on a three hour schedule at the moment!)
Anyway, hoping you like the photos of our gorgeous girl - will post more when life feels more "normal"
Keep smiling,