Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a long time it has been since I last blogged! We have been SOOOO busy. We have just come back from Kangaroo Island and also had Mum and Dad down from Queensland for a bit over a week. Wonderful family times! These photos have nothing to do with Kangaroo Island but might show you a bit of what we have been up to before that.
First is a bunny I made for the Kindy raffle - this is loosely based on "Miss Milly" in Rosalie Quinlan's beautiful book "Gift". I have since made two others for the cherubs for Easter. The nicest thing about this project is that they were made from flannel squares I bought cheap in Melbourne about ten years ago (I think the bundle cost me $2) They were even stuffed with leftover quilt waddding offcuts so essentially cost nothing to make! It was also quite a nostalgic project for me because when I was a tiny girl my Nanny made me a corduroy bunny (with overalls) and I always wanted to make a similar one for my kids.
Second is a shot of my mischievious toddler. The Mum in me was not amused to find that he had dragged a kitchen chair over to the sink to empty a full bottle of handwash into the sink and proceed to "wash" dishes that were already clean but the Early Childhood Teacher delighted in the sensory nature of it all (and he was having SO much fun!) Dan's clothes were just soaked and there was water all over the floors and benches. He even washed the toaster for us (thank God it wasn't turned on!)
Hannah recently went to her first ever sports day at the local primary school. She was so anxious about it and a bit reluctant to go but had a WONDERFUL time.
This beautiful bunch of flowers really made my day. Thanks Althea.
You have to love Autumn in the Hills for roses. Will try to post a few photos of my own garden over the next few days. We have also enjoyed the Autumn goodness of a loaded plum tree in our backyard (we made plum jam!) and the kids have delighted in finding acorns on Autumn walks - now Hannah is quoting poets: "live yon life like an oak..." One day we will have a big enough backyard to plant an oak and then I will really feel like I have gardened for the children of the future.
Last but not least (and no photo yet but it will come once I've cleared the 300 or so photos I took on KI off the camera!) on the day before my birthday I got the most wonderful little surprise package in the mail with a matroyshka angel and a big packet of my favourite turkish delights. It was from the delightful Catherine of "Made by Maisie". We met through a Melly and Me fabric scrap swap and Catherine has been a wonderful inspiration and crafty buddy since! On her blog you can see a picture of the little Miss Polly doll she made for Hannah (which keeps migrating to my front room because I love her so much!) I received a copy of the Softies book for my birthday and the pattern for Miss Polly is in there so maybe I'll have to try it! Anyway Catherine, you really made my day so THANK YOU. The new little angel is watching over my scrapping supplies and she just looks so cute! I also received some other super special news that day but it is not my secret to share just yet so I'll have to keep you posted on that one at a later date!
All in all March has been a busy month full of fun, family and surprises.
This weekend I am hoping to finish off my bushfire charity quilt (machine quilting) and sew down the binding on our bed quilt. Hopefully next week I'll have lots to show for my efforts!
Until then,
Hope Easter Bunny finds you,
Happy Crafting,


Lisa said...

Nell, Happy Birthday!!! I will admit that I totally forgot. I thought about it in late Feb, them Wham before i knew it, March was gone! Hope that the whole family is well ( if not a lot wet Dan! he he). Happy easter!
Lisa and the clan. :)

clare's craftroom said...

Ah the sound of the kitchen chair being dragged to the sink , memories , LOL . Have a happy crafty Easter .

Catherine said...

Oh, happy belated birthday. I am glad that my pressie arrived around the same time. You are most welcome! I love our crafty, bloggy, aussie friendship. You just never know when a parcel is in the post!!!

x Catherine