Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Birthday and a Secret Revealed

Yesterday my sweet baby girl turned 5. Mum sent down a beautiful fur-trimmed Princess Cape and so "Princess Hannah" had a truly magical day. I'm glad that at 5 my little one is still living in fairyland.

Work has begun on the retaining wall and the vacant lot next door. Just the thing to keep a small boy entertained for hours. Hoping he doesn't pick up too much labourer's language LOL!

I have begun work on a shawl in this lovely bamboo/wool blend. It is such a pretty colour; not quite blue and not quite green and kind of old-worldly. The shawl will be for someonevery special. Someone who, at the moment, looks like this:

This little person will complete our family (unless something unexpected happens) There is a tinge of sadness about that - I love babies and could have 8 if money, resources and husband allowed. I am treasuring every moment knowing that this pregnancy will be my last. So now you know why there hasn't been a lot of crafting happening - lots of dreaming of baby clothes, and baby quilts, and softies the baby just has to have, but not a lot of crafting. I have been sicker with this pregnancy than the others - nausea that lasted all day and most of the night but thankfully we are heading out of that now. Hannah is so excited and wants to call the baby "Annabel Rose" which I think is funny if my suspicions of another big boofy boy are right! Dan just wants to see the baby NOW!
We've told grandparents so now it is time to tell friends and family.
Hope you are having an exciting week too,
Keep smiling,

Hoping to get back into my crafting when I get to our quilting group this weekend.

Keep smiling,



Nic Wood said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you, my heart is racing!!!! so when are you due etc etc ??????
And so you obviously knew when you were here, and then when I saw you at the kindy....your a good secret keeper!!!!

Nic xxx


The Patchwork Apple- Jane said...

Oh wow!!!! Thats so great!! We all thought something would happen on that Melbourne trip????

Lisa said...

What FANTASTIC NEWS Nell - Congrats to you all. I want LOTS of preggy photos this time!!!
love, as alsways L

Lisa said...

O forgot to ask -- When is bubs due?