Monday, November 9, 2009

A Baby Update!

Forgive the clumsy belly shot but here we are at 36 weeks and 3 days. We have had a very eventful time of it late last week. Wednesday night I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions at about 11.00pm and they continued right through the night becoming more and more painful. Fell asleep in the wee hours and then went off to do my last kindy teaching day Thursday (thinking "they're only Braxton Hicks - I'll be right!") By Thursday afternoon the girls had called for teaching back up and I was on my way to the hospital to get it checked out! They hooked me up to a fetal heart monitor and left me for half an hour (and of course my body went "aahh! So nice to just lie here!" and did absolutely nothing!) The midwives sent me home and told me to rest up as they can't deliver babies at Mt Barker until 37 weeks (and I was just 36) Had an okay night Thursday but still with lots of twinges (and Friday night was just horrendous) so had a very quiet time of it for Friday and Saturday - had to cancel out of so many things - no craft show, no wine auction, no unit christmas dinner, no quilting group :(
Anyway, things seemed a bit better yesterday and today I saw my doctor and she thinks I'm probably a bit sore and bruised from all of the movements and hasn't ruled out a gastro type bug for causing the contractions in the first place. My uterus has dropped and bubby is head down and engaged so she is doubtful that I will last to due date of Dec 4. All of this excitement has been good for one thing - we've been cruising along and haven't organised car seats or the bassinette or the baby's room. This weekend, while I rested, James moved furniture around so that the baby's room is more or less ready. He put up the blinds in that room, and moved the guitars and amps etc into our room. Today I rang up about the baby capsule and washed the basinette mattress and sheets etc.

I even darned the ends in on the finished shawl (which should look lovely with the white bassinette and the red spotty fabric on the quilt and change mat)
Because I've not been up to doing anything the kids have had a wild time trashing the house:

The quilts and bears have been displaced by guitars and are now residing by the front door (which looks kind of homey anyway!)

My wonderful friend Nic (and her great friends on the essential baby website) have been getting together a stash of the most gorgeous newborn fitted nappies for me - they are all washed and ready to go and I keep sneaking in to look at them because I can't believe how tiny and cute they look!

Hannah has been creating artwork for the baby's room (including this precious family portrait!)

And in amongst it all I've finished off two pairs of fluffy bootees, knitted more on a soft camel coloured baby cardigan, and completely finished these Christmas baubles (enough for Kris Kringles, stocking fillers, teacher gifts etc etc!) Marg Low and Yvonne have a lot to answer for!!!

Hospital bag is being packed tonight and camera batteries recharged and then we will just sit and wait!
Thank goodness the Christmas shopping is done!!!
Keep smiling,


Anonymous said...

What a scare....glad to hear things have settled down. You are doing exactly what I did ~ total panic in getting things done and completed. Good luck for the next 3 weeks ~ I'm sure your family are looking forward to having a new baby in the household soon. xx PS lovely belly. xx

The Handmaden said...

wow, you're so organised! Souns like you're really in nesting mode. The shawl is lovely, though with the weather we've been having recently you may not need it much!
Interestingly, my mother was born in Mt Barker.

Nic Wood said...

Glad to hear your well - J mentioned she sent you 'home' last week! Hope your resting, able to relax and being a good girl! Gorgeous belly shot (let me know if you want some more - you could pop in after you drop H off one morning next week, or I can come to you if its easier)

The decorations are beautiful....did you have a pattern or just make them up? Fantastic idea for secret santa gifts!

Cant wait to see the nursery all finished...not long to go now!

Nic xxx