Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I could be.....

I could be cleaning the house (it has got beyond crumbs to the sticky stage LOL)  I could be doing some more quilting for Queensland, or playing with all of the fibre that I bought as my school holiday supplies (and sadly didn't even take out of the cellophane).  I could be baking some yummy things to eat with my crafty friend tomorrow.  I could be doing a super-mummy thing with the t.v. addict four year old.
I could be taking photos so that I can finally do the blog give-away that was supposed to be for my 100th post but now will just have to be "because".
Instead I am just vege-ing checking other people's bloggy crafty endeavours ...vege-ing and thinking whether we have any chocolate in the house?  Mmm?
Anyone else feeling unproductive today?

Happy Tuesday
(Oh, and I swear to you that was not me doing the happy dance in the car park at Kindy yesterday - I would never feel like that after dropping my precious ones to school and preschool!) BAD BAD MUMMY!

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