Monday, April 9, 2012

Simple Gift Bags

I recently did this quick and easy gift bag tutorial for my customers and thought I would share it here:

Quick and Easy Gift Bags:

Using the 12” Trimmer cut a rectangle 8” x 5 and a half”  Make one long edge fancy using the wavy/scallop/zigzag blade.
Change to the perforated or scoring blade.
Along the long edge score/perforate the paper at 1/2  inch, then 2 ½,  then 1 and a ¼, then 2 ½.
Turn the paper and along the long straight edge score/perforate in 1 inch.
Snip into the corners of this one inch strip so that your paper looks like this:

Place tape runner or double sided tape on the bottom edges and the ½ inch strip at the end. 
Now fold it up! Punch one or two holes through the top to tie ribbon and decorate as desired.  I have found these the perfect size to fill with lollies, or 2-3 snack bar sized chocolates.

I should also add that this is not my original idea.  It was modified from a friend's diecut stencil so that I could do it using our Creative Memories tools.

Happy crafting,


The Handmaden said...

Very nice little bags, thanks for sharing :)

Mamie Girl said...

Love the gift bags! I am so jealous of your Autumn harvest, our summer stuff didn't last till autumn and we have already done some autumn planting. Thanks for your comments, I was stressing about that last post :P