Thursday, May 3, 2012

All Work and No Play

All work and no play makes Nell an incredibly dull girl (hence no recent blog posts!)  I am LOVING being back at kindy and working with my own (not so little) group.  I love the funny things kids say, and the infectious enthusiasm they have for life and learning.

In lots of ways it is like I have never been away (even though it has been 8 years!!!!) Where it does feel totally different is at home.  In my pre-children life it didn't matter how late I stayed at work, or how much work I took home.  This is a learning curve.  Maddie is getting used to not having Mummy around as much.  Mummy is getting used to washing on the weekend, and planning ahead for 4 or 5 people's worth of lunches each day!  Next week starts my first week of serious menu planning (something I have never done but now have to unless we are to be eating scrambled eggs at least one night a week!)  I get the feeling our crock pot is going to get a work out this Winter.

NO sewing happening as Janome needs to go back to the repairman (3rd time now - sigh!)
I have been scrapping in preparation for our big CM event of the year, Memoranza (which will happen next weekend)

I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and getting enough "me" time!
Keep smiling,


Mamie Girl said...

Hey Nell, menu planning will make you feel super organized! I do it here and it does make food shopping easier although usually I dont end up making whats on the plan because either I am too tired 'so can we just make something easy' or I am feeling all creative and I make somthing a bit different. I usually use the ingredients at some point during the week though.
Anyway thought you might like this link

Write with you said...
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Write with you said...

Nelza, when you are back in August, do you think you can take my sewing machine back with you? Seriously, I have used it once—to make curtains which Koert then said he didn't like— and I don't think I'll ever use it again. It seemed like a nice idea at the time. If you can lug it, you can have it! It's a tad heavy (no heavier than a normal machine) so you couldn't do it with only carry on. Similarly, if you can organise cheap courier service it is yours! Should have given it to Ronky to bring down for you.xx Kaz