Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ba(g) Humbug

My new knitting bag - I have been needing something to keep my lovely wooden needles safe so decided to practise the humbug bag pattern.  My friend Deb is making these for a charity that donates them to girls needing help with life skills.  Each one is filled with toiletries and care package items.  I've quilted the squares for a few of them but still need practise putting in zips before I am happy giving them to someone else!  Anyone else hate zips?

The kids are finally on the mend so there has also been more spinning for the Tour de Fleece, some last minute stitching and quilting for an Alzheimers Project, and a lovely day scrap booking with my friend Meredith today.

Tomorrow I am back to work and then Monday the kids are back to school.
Holidays, where did you go?

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