Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Faces

Is there any lovelier flower than pansies at this time of year?  I love their bright happy faces and the way they brave the coldest of Winters!  Pansies always remind me of my dear Melbourne buddies (especially Sharon Mc Callum and Jenni Grierson because they knew I loved pansies and frequently spoiled me with pansy-themed pretty things!)  I have a beautiful little pansy tea-set that Sharon sent as a wedding gift.  Anyway, these are my new little pot of happiness!

Today was a blissful day in the sense that I shrugged off all responsibility for doing kindy paperwork, and cm paperwork, and last year's taxes, and just played and dreamed and was generally quite slothful.
I finished two little hats.
Handspun "Strelizia" with some commercial green from the stash and cream baby wool overdyed in blues.  I really like how the dyeing turned out so I might have to drag the rest of the boring baby wool out of my stash and overdye it!

These two are destined for local newborns.  If people don't stop having babies I will have no hope of having a stall of crafty things at our school fete in October!

I have also located my missing sock (which was started with Lee-Anne and then went missing!  Now I just have to catch up so we can turn the heel together next time we meet.

Work is progressing ever so slowly on my friend's scotty dog beanie.  I hate having to write my own patterns.  I actually don't really enjoy knitting when I have to think.

I have been getting to know the new wheel (named Vera after her previous owner) and I have to say that we are getting along like peas and carrots.  I think I am going to LOVE this wheel once I can get her to stop being so noisy!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend.  My 3 Small Ones are all in bed so I am off to do some more crafty stuff - the dilemma is to spin? Knit? Sew? Scrap?

Happy weekend!

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