Monday, November 19, 2012

A Cautionary Tale and Other Snippets

Remember I promised to tell you a cautionary tale?  Well, as you may have gathered by now we live in a comfortable state of domestic chaos.  I do try to clean up but at best our house is cluttered and at worst our floors are crunchy.  So anyway, the other night it was late, and I was tired, and I went to put a loaf of bread in the chest freezer only to find that there was the iron (freezer often doubles as an ironing board) and a couple of magazines, and a kids drawing on top of the freezer.  I know that any normal person would remove all of those items.  I just kind of eased the freezer open with one hand holding the clutter, and all was going well until one of the magazines started slipping down the back so I grabbed frantically at it with one hand and as I did so I knocked my sewing hutch...and the next thing I knew there was an almighty crash and the entire contents of the hutch (more clutter than you can possibly imagine) came hurtling down.  Luckily it wedged against my big table and didn't squash me flat but piles and piles of fabric and projects and bits and bobs hit the floor along with 3 jars of beads and buttons which smashed in spectacular fashion.

And it was frightening, and it was also mega-disappointing when all I really wanted to do was crawl into bed instead of cleaning up 3 million shards of broken glass and buttons.  I have to confess that I felt a little like having a sniffle.  As I was sitting in the middle of the mess beginning the cleanup my one small solace was that I found a scrap of paper left from a parenting course I did when Hannah was little.  I opened it and it read: "You have permission not to be perfect"  That really did make me have a little sniffle!

To cut my cautionary tale short.  I used the catastrophe as an excuse to move the hutch to a less dangerous area (part of the problem was that I was always reaching around the back of it for power points so it had crept forward) and to have a BIG cleanup.  This is the bit that will really make you laugh:
This is the FINISHED (ie. cleaned up) hutch.  Still a bit of decluttering to do me thinks!!!!

Not a lot of blogging happening lately because I have been flat out at work and with the kids.
Last weekend this little possum went to her first big-girl (by herself) party.

Last week this dear friend visited.  We haven't seen each other for almost a decade.  It was so good to catch up - even if the terrible selfie shows up all my wrinkles!

And then today I got to spend some time with my lovely friend Lea-Anne and we cast on our first toe-up socks on one needle (and got as far as the gusset increases!)  I think I am going to love this new way of sock knitting!

And what does the small boy think of all this?

Have a happy week!

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Miss Nicky said...

Oh dear, do I need to call in the gang from Hoarders?!

Glad you didn't hurt yourself xo