Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes you just have to make your own rainbows!

This week I managed a weeny bit of op shopping in amongst the craziness and you will NEVER guess what I found. Anodised cups.  My very own set of four for $12.  These cups are part of my childhood memories. When I was a kid I was lucky enough to be one of 15 cousins aged between about 5 and 14.  We were often all together at my Nanny's and she would pack us off into the bush (they lived on a farm) with a jaffle iron, the makings of spaghetti and cheese jaffles, and a bottle of sarsparilla cordial, and the anodised cups.  We would come back when it got dark, or the food ran out, or someone got bitten too badly by green ants, or we got scared by old Jock the buck goat.  Owning my own anodised cups has been on my bucket list.  I know that is silly, but these cups have made me ridiculously happy this week!

Today was Hills Spinners and Weavers Open Day and so there were some more happy purchases.  2 braids of gorgeous optim in my favourite colourway, Stained Glass, from and this lovely art batt (also shot through with rainbow colours) and a giant crochet hook that I plan to use to make crocheted rag rug bath mats.

I had lots of my little hats and some skeins that weren't my colours and a few other bits and pieces on the Guild table so hopefully I sold a few and that will fund my recent purchases!

Still no news on what will become of Creative Memories Australasia.

Have a good week!


Frogs 'n' Fairies said...

reads dogultHey Nell, I have owned two sets of anodised cups for over 50 years now, both sets still in their original covers. Love and Kisses from Jude xxxxx

Nell said...

Nice to hear from you Jude. You know I often felt like I was at home at your place because you had so much of the same bric a brac as Nanny did. Unfortunately my set don't have their cover and I think must be quite a newish set as they are a bit light weight compared to Nanny's and much brighter colours.
Hugs to the girls.

The Handmaden said...

My Nanna had a set of cups with a leather holder (!) that she kept in the car for driving trips. We used them a lot.
My mother in law still has a few too, a little battered and very well used.
Enjoy your pretty new purchases :)