Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Officially warped!

I am "officially" a weaver.  This was my first scarf using some gifted 8ply for the warp and a small ball of hand-dyed wool from Ingrid's destash as the weft.

 And this was my second, using some commercial cream wool and the leftovers from Maddies GG shrug.
 And this is by far the strangest knitting request I have ever had; a duck golf club cover for my father in law!


Kelly Casanova said...

Welcome to the weaving club! What sort of loom do you have?
A long time ago you encouraged me to have a go at spinning and I'm planning on taking my first class very soon. I don't have a wheel yet but am hoping :) I do so love the idea of dyeing,spinning, then weaving some wool, wouldn't that be great?!

Nell said...

Nice to hear from you Kelly - where has your blog gone? I have a 12" Ashford Knitters Loom. I have always said I was saving weaving for my retirement but in the end I thought a little loom couldn't hurt. The knitters loom is perfect for using up odd balls of handspun. I am sure you will love spinning (and I find that the projects I have spun then knit/crochet/woven are always the most fullfilling!