Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Blue Belt and some Op Shop Happiness

So proud of this sweet boy.  He is coordination challenged (inherited from his mum) and has worked really hard to get to this point.  Dan had not been doing Karate for very long when the subject of grading came up.  I wanted him to wait.  He wanted to put in extra time and effort and "give it a go"
The lessons we learn from our children.

On a totally unrelated topic, I am LOVING this stay at home Mum thing.  I have had a few days to call my own lately and I am amazed at how much I get done and how good it feels to potter around.  I have baked for the joy of it, instead of a frenzied rush to fill lunchboxes.  I am even not minding the domestic drudge stuff so much because I can pepper it with a little bit of crafting in between.
Today I even made it to the Op Shop and spent $13 on things to make me happy.
What is not to love about Op Shops?  I found a great little aqua and red checked esprit shirt, and a nice long brown cardi and a green skirt (perfect for my upcoming CTMH leaders Conference) and then I found another Kate Morton book (I enjoyed the Distant Hours so much that I can barely wait to start this one!) and a cute little pen caddy (haven't decided whether to leave it as is or spray paint it aqua yet) and a couple of zips for project bags, and a sweet little bear puppet and a jingly jangly elephant chain for kindy, and a beautiful linen embroidered tablecloth for 50 cents!  And when I got to the front counter with my treasures they had a hot pink geranium on the counter for $3.
Oh I do love Op Shops!!!

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Ryegirl said...

Have a hankie ready for "The Forgotten Garden" It was a fabulous read and I was sorry to finish it. I have Kate Morton's newest one and I'm hoping it's as good as her others. Happy reading.