Friday, May 8, 2015

Taking Stock May

Making : the "olivia" cardigan in variegated homespun
Cooking : chats with parsley and garlic and butter, and a simple rib eye - feel the need for a good steak
Drinking : Jamie Oliver's hot chocolate (from his Comfort Food book)
Reading: "The Magic Art of Tidying Up" (yet to be convinced as I don't think she has a crafty or sentimental bone in her body)  She certainly never had to deal with a craft room like mine!
Looking: for the new host rewards stamp that I put in a "safe place" because I couldn't wait to play with it!
Playing: with the National Scrapbook Month "Taste of Summer" paper pack ($12.95 this month only!)
Deciding: to relax the t.v. rule for the kids on this rainy Friday afternoon after a huge week
Wishing: dinner would cook itself
Enjoying: the thought of a reasonably cruisy weekend
Waiting: for my hubby to come home and pour me a glass of red
Liking: that I have finished my first aid course and don't need to worry about it for another 3 years
Wondering: whether we will ever finish decluttering this house
Loving: my stash enhancement from Bungaree Fibre Weekend
Pondering: where Maddie has hidden her library books
Considering: a no borrowing rule for her
Buying: 12 jars of tomato chutney for my Mother in law (best not to ask)
Watching: Call the Midwife on netflix
Hoping: the rabbit's eye ulcer heals quickly
Marvelling: at how quickly one small child can empty the contents of her wardrobe and at how slowly she can manage to clean it up
Remembering: an awesome New Zealand holiday!
Cringing: over the state of pretty much every room in the house
Needing: to warp up my loom again and get back into weaving
Questioning: my ability to juggle too many commitments
Smelling: our manky grungy couches that have seen better days
Wearing: leggings and boots and long flowing cardis that hide the flab
Following: too many bunny posts on pinterest
Noticing: that if I don't do the housework no one else does it
Knowing: that I can't handle too many more nights of sleep deprivation (go away silly full moon!)
Thinking: It has been forever since I wrote regular blog posts
Admiring: all of the beautiful artwork at our CTMH meeting last night
Sorting: clothes, books, hopefull the pantry this weekend
Getting: a cold I think (runny nose and sore eyes)
Coveting: a fluffy aqua polar fleece dressing gown (finally decided to let go of my big apricot towelling one that I have never liked and go back to my worn but comfy blue one)
Disliking: the guilt of parting with gifts that I have never really liked
Giggling: over how silly it was for my friend Anne and I to get locked in the car park after our meeting last night!
Feeling: tired and a bit fluey and relieved that the week is over
Snacking: on raisin toast and dried cranberries
Helping: Maddie to find library books, Hannah to clip the chooks wings
Hearing: the sound of Horrible Histories from the t.v. in the front room, white noise from the fish bubbler, cars in the background
Dreaming: of a sleep in tomorrow
Excited: about our Nature Connect pilot programme for kindy!

If you feel like playing along head over to Meet Me At Mikes and download the list.
Happy weekend,
Keep smiling,

p.s. Now that I am back stay tuned for more blog posts!

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