Monday, December 14, 2015

Ridiculously Happy About..

I honestly feel so blessed with my life right now.  After an extremely busy year at kindy we have 6 weeks of holidays stretching out before us!  So many good things are happening right now.  
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas..
The Christmas tree is up and decorated. Briony's "B" is front and centre thanks to Kate from Fox's Lane.  It has been a great way for my children to remember their friend.  The kids did the bulk of the decorating this year which felt kind of strange as I like to take a moment to reflect as I put the special decorations up.

I decorated the front room for our Christmas workshops.  Some of these goodies will go to the Twilight Market at the Lobethal Lights this weekend.

The Nativity is conspicuously missing Baby Jesus this year.  I have tried explaining the significance of that short falling to my children LOL afterall, JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON.
So blessed to have so many lovely gifts over the years - we have a collection of snow globes, bears, angels, and reindeers!

I was showered with beautiful and generous words and gifts from my beloved kindy kids and their families.  It is making me so happy!

And there has been crafting this weekend - I even FINALLY managed to get this year's scrapbook pages into their rightful albums.  There has been lots of knitting too.  Some for the market and some for secret Christmas business.

I have been doing my first ever Indie Giftalong on Ravelry and I am loving it! So much inspiration in one place! I was even lucky enough to win a couple of prizes.  
So see, lots and lots and lots of great reasons to be ridiculously happy but I have saved the best for last.

We are moving..
We are having a "tree change" and moving onto acreage.  This country girl is moving back to the country.  We are just far enough out of Lobethal to be considered "rural" but still close enough to walk to school and work.  We have our own gumtrees, and fairy wrens, and a resident koala, and lead light doors, and a balcony with French Doors.  I am soooooooo ridiculously over the top happy about the move.  Let the packing begin!

Wishing you every reason to be ridiculously happy as we catapult into the "silly season"!
Keep smiling,

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Leslie said...

Congratulations on your move! How exciting for you. It sounds like the perfect place for your family.