Saturday, January 2, 2016


Sometimes I think I like to put pressure on myself.  We are right in the throes of packing and cleaning and it sucks.  Hubby is of the "chuck it in a box and worry about it later" school of packing whilst I like to be more considered and cull and sort and go gaga when I find one of Dan's impossibly small baby shoes tucked behind a box in the top cupboard.  Anyhow, I find myself packing up knitting projects and realising that I have WAY TOO MANY cardigan projects on the go so I need some incentive to finish them hence Kick-My-Butt-January (because I am sure I will need a break from packing and unpacking occasionally and if I have only these projects out then the rest can get packed surely?)  So the plan is to finish at least some of these in January:
The Tea Leaves Cardigan - up to the armpits at present I think
Maddie's school cardi (still needs the bottom 3 inches and the sleeves)
Practically (also up to the armpits but should be a quick knit from there?)
Winter Happy (just needs bottom band and sleeves)
Comfy Green Cardi (barely even started - only about 20 rows in on the back)
Stained glass baby cardi (this will have to wait until we've moved as I think I packed the book with the pattern)
Pink gifted cardi from Deb (this really just needs to be seamed up!)
All smaller projects can be put on hold excepting a test knit hat that I really couldn't say no to.

What about you? Want to join me to kick some butt in January?

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