Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Hooray! We had some good news on the weekend when we accepted an offer on the Nairne House.  Settlement is mid-May.  Whilst I have lots of lovely memories of this house and I will be sad to leave my garden it is a weight off our minds to sell and move on to where our heart now is.  Partly because of the good news, and partly because of the upcoming New York trip, we went and bought another camera! WHOOO HOOOOO!!! The battery is charging and so there will be blog posts with photos again from now on.  In fact, you might get a little over-blogged as I practice using it before NY.  I went Nikon again (because I am a loyalist, and I am still sentimental over my old Nikon) hopefully that means that it will be easy to get used to because the dials are still all the same!
Tonight is Night Owls/craft group so must dash as I am in the race to the finish line with a beautiful Kanti Mama cardigan test knit.  1 and a 1/4 sleeves to go before April 11th. Knit Nell, KNIT!!!
Happy Humpday to you all.
Keep smiling,

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