Sunday, June 19, 2016

Taking Stock: June

It is time to take stock again.
Making : socks for Maddie in bright spring colours
Cooking : marmalade - golden globs of sunshine to brighten dreary WInter days
Drinking : chai tea and instant coffee and red wine
Reading: The Peppered Moth
Wanting: New long black boots
Looking: at ravelry finished projects
Playing: dumb to the copious quantities of dog hair on carpet that needs vacuuming again
Deciding: what kind of quilt cover to get (old one is in tatters)
Wishing: Winter was over
Enjoying: the cosiness of a wood fire and the luxury of owning a working stove again
Waiting: for Winter to end and school holidays to start
Liking: the possibility of two new nieces in Spring
Wondering: how Trump could have got so far in the Presidential campaign and why Americans can't see the need to change their gun laws
Loving: these two sweet kiddos snuggled beside me on the couch
Pondering: how Hannah's feet could possibly be the same size as mine - surely it was only yesterday that they fit in the palm of my hand?
Considering: that children will grow up despite our best efforts
Buying:t2 tea, coffee pods, and the right to walk 35 kms for Mitochondrial disease in Keelan's honour
Watching:Outlander - I am obsessed
Hoping:that my local library has the books
Marvelling: that even with my considerable yarn stash I still don't have the wool that I need for a new shawl project
Cringing: at the thought that I won't be there to support my Dad and my 95 year old Gubby as they say goodbye to Uncle Frizz this Tuesday
Needing: the comforts of home and family, and a visit to my remedial massage specialist (my back is not good!)
Questioning: my work life balance and why we haven't seen Mr Fluffy the koala around lately
Smelling: old dog and wood smock and garlic butter chicken kievs cooking (they still remind me of my old friend Sharon McCallum who would bake them when I came to her house for tea!)
Wearing:comfy shoes and daggy tracksuit pants
Noticing: that people that I didn't even know were reading are commenting on how infrequently my blog is updated these days!
Knowing: we have another busy week ahead
Thinking: the year is going so quickly
Admiring: people who have the balance right
Sorting: which frames are being hung where - still boxes to be unpacked and things that don't have a home (and it has been almost 6 months can you believe it?!?!)
Getting: excited about my bare rooted roses arriving in July - I will have David Austens again!
Coveting: warm woolly crocheted blankies, and big cuddly winter jackets
Disliking: the cold
Opening: new paper - the Magical Times Paper Pack to play with next month
Giggling: at my kids beating my husband at monopoly
Feeling: like I could do with an extra day to the weekend, and a glass of red wine
Snacking: on almonds, and jersey caramels
Helping: knit for charity, run a friend's kids to school, organise the Kindy stall for elections, do Friday Foodies and Bush School - do all the good in all the little ways you can (Mother Theresa)
Hearing: my kids laugh and my husband's footsteps on the stairs
Mixing: odd bits of wool to make charity mittens and more little hats
Worrying:about work - looming National Quality Standards Assessment, too much to do and too little time - and a memory like a sieve
Slicing: carrots, and onions, and potatoes and a never ending quantity of lemons and cumquats and limes for marmalade
Celebrating: family, and my Uncle Frizz
Forgetting: to go to bed on time
Winning: kisses from my husband
Pretending: it is not Sunday night (and having another glass of wine)
Sneaking: the last of the New York Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Embracing: my kids and my husband because I am reminded this week of just how fragile life really is
Knitting:shawls for our shawl-along, socks for a sock-along, and the Kyla test knit socks (LOVE this pattern)
Crocheting: a zig zag chevron in the colours of our loungeroom, taking inspiration from a skein of Kathys Fibres Rose Garden
Weaving: a turquoise and white handspun scarf
Scrapping: Christmas last year and Easter of this
Dreaming: of Spring and warmth and sunshine

Have a good week folks!

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Anonymous said...

Great to read your update Nell. Yes I am one of the ones that checks for a update every week.
Thanks for the Marmalade it is beautiful!!