Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lovely Christmas Goodies and a progress report

I had such a good day yesterday. Not only did one of my loveliest customers decide to become a Creative Memories consultant in my team (great $99 business kit offer this month), but I also received a special parcel in the post from my Christmas in July swap partner Val. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful handmade goodies Val sent.

My very special favourite is this needlecase (even has my name on it and in my favourite colour too!)

Unfortunately a little mousie had a nibble on the package in transit so the beautiful handbag that you see in the top photo had a weeny mousie bite taken out of the bottom of it! Luckily I begin an alterations and mending course at WEA next week and hope to be able to mend it invisibly. This little bag is excellent timing as the handle fell off my current bag and I have been looking for a replacement - this one is just the right size for a bottle of water and my purse and keys and even has a phone pocket and leftover room for baby wipes and bandaids and little chocolate treats!

The cherubs were suitably impressed that Val had included a packet of jelly snakes for them (means they will leave my chocolate alone LOL!)

I love the little crazy patch turtle (which we all decided is lovely for the baby) and the teeny tiny little pocket doll (I remember making these pin dollies about a decade ago for a few crafty friends and being frustrated turning those tiny arms and legs so thank you for your patience Val and it is lovely to have one of my very own!) All in all I felt thoroughly spoilt. THANK YOU VERY MUCH VAL!

I am resisting temptation to show you my latest efforts until they are finished (only 1 side of binding left to go which should be knocked over tonight in front of the telly) Let me just say that I am somewhat in love with this latest effort!

I have also started an upcycled effort for Hannah - a long frilly denim skirt from a pair of my old jeans. Hope to have that finished in the next few days and if it goes well will give you a tute on just how I did it. My girlie girl just refuses to wear trousers and is freezing in little short summer skirts and dresses so this is my sneaky attempt to dress her appropriately!

I am two balls away from finishing bubby's shawl. It has become the "magic pudding" of all shawls (but not in a good way!) Seems like no matter how much wool I throw at it I still need more. We are now up to double the recommended amount plus an extra four balls and I am going on a trip sometime today to see if I can get a few balls to do the edging otherwise it will have to be in a different colour! I have included the latest snapshot of the little whippersnapper - apparently I have more than the usual amount of amniotic fluid (the report said "generous but not excessive liquor" which James thinks sounds like the little tike is getting quietly sloshed!) and this is making me seasick! Hoping the morning sickness goes soon!

This weekend is my 20 year Grade 10 reunion and I am disappointed not to be in Sunny Queensland with them all - would have been lovely to see and hear what everyone has done in the last 2 decades and how different our lives are from what we imagined!
This weekend is also the Gathering with Leanne Beasley and Rosalie Quinlan and I sooooooo can't wait for that! Should have lots of yummy stitching to show you next time!

Until then,

Keep smiling,


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Kate said...

Hope you had a nice weekend of sewing! I hope the morning sickness goes away soon and you can enjoy it all!