Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blah Blah Blah!

Believe it or not I have actually been finishing things; 3 bags for Hannah's wonderful kindy teachers (she picked the fabric to match their personalities and I think she did a really good job)  They were made using Jodie's one hour bag pattern from
 This has become my favourite bag pattern and I have worked out how to fudge it out of a fat quarter (not including handles)  Unfortunately we forgot to take a photo before we gave them away.  I have also finished another project but I'm not allowed to show you so you only get this peak:
I am off to Creative Memories Leaders Conference tomorrow so no more crafting for me for the next few days - I'll be too busy catching up with my sister and dear friends and grandparents and parents and swanning around the pool at Sanctuary Cove - CM is such a tough business LOL!
This little boy, as cute and cool as he is, has been chucking the worst tanties lately.  Very embarassing when they are in public places too!
This little girl is becoming a chatterbox, and is becoming a fatty boombah.  She is also becoming so much more fun!
Happy Wednesday!
Keep smiling,


Nic Wood said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Are the bags like the one you made yourself that I loved? the link isnt working and I want to bookmark it if it is!

Maddie is growing so quickly, and Dan looks like butter wouldnt melt in his mouth!?! Hope Hannah is loving school life.

Nic xxx

Nell said...

Hi Nic, Yep, the bag pattern is one and the same. Will bring my template with when we come to see you if you like? You are such a whizz sewer these days that you will whip one up in no time!