Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Biscuits and Miscellaneous Activities

This recipe has been given to countless people over the years; they started as my uni flatmate's "Auntie Barbs Brownies" and were then known in our uni years as "PMT biscuits"; when I started with Creative Memories they became my "Workshop Biscuits".  I think of them as my 8 minute always-on-standby biscuits.  Call them what you like; they are GOOD and they never last long in our house!

Melt 1 large tablespoon of REAL BUTTER in a pot or in the microwave then into the pot add:
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup SR flour
pinch of salt
1 cup of choc chips and peanuts, or sultanas, or apricots, or whatever takes your fancy
1 egg

Mix, roll into balls, place on greased baking tray with a fair bit of space between them as they spread out.  bake 180 degrees for about 8 minutes.  Leave to cool a few minutes then slide off with a butter knife.

The combinations are endless.  Our favourites are apricot, almond and chocolate chunks but even just sultanas are good!

We hit pay dirt at our local op shop last week when we stumbled on a two dollar basket sale.  I ended up with a lovely skirt for Hannah, a heap of new china, another little jug to add to my ever growing collection, a couple of balls of crafty wool, a lovely 70s style bowl, a pretty old doiley, and a stack of pillowcases perfect for upcycling into some smaller projects - $2 well spent!

Hannah is loving school and the flurry of activities that go with it.  Last week was Crazy Hair Day:Today was Sports Day.  As an athletically challenged super nerd I was a little apprehensive about Sports Day.  I am pleased to say that the emphasis was clearly on participation and having fun - so far our little school is just coming up trumps every single time!

A very hot, tiring, but happy day was had by all!
Yesterday I finally spent a crafty day with a good friend.  You can read all about it here (I forgot to take photos but I am really just directing you here because Nic said such nice things about me LOL!)

And lastly, a photo of the sweet girl and her newest accomplishment - she has found her thumb!
And no, I still haven't done my tax ARRRGGGHHHH! 
Happy Wednesday,
Keep smiling,


Write with you said...

Hans' hair is getting so long! Must be fun to brush Nells. Thanks for biccie recipe too. I just made banana bread (because I can't bear to throw out the black nanas Koert didn't eat) and actually it turned out pretty good (for banana flavoured stuff), but will have to give your biscuits a go. xxx Kaz

Lizzy said...

I'm seeing Aunty Barb this weekend - I'll tell her that her fame is spreading... xxx

Lizzy said...

P.S. Dark chocolate and hazelnut is fabulous too.